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Can you reveiw doctors online somewhere?

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Jerry has a new primary doctor for himself, and I was wondering if any of you know how to look up a doctors name to see what his background/work history, etc is like. Do you guys know of any free sights? I googled it, but all I found was stuff that you pay for. We really like this guy.
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Does your health insurance have a website? My insurance does, and it tells the educational background, etc on the doctor, along with results of a members survey about the doctor.
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WebMD use to do this, but not anymore.

Try It's reviews of your neighborhood for all sorts of business. People/clients/patients/customers can leave feedback there as well.
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Call the state medical board to see if there are any outstanding complaints. Also a good way of doing that is googleing the doc's name and seeing if it has been in any news reports.
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I think you can find something like a physicans refferal service where you live, or just look online and they may just need the state you live in.
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I would just pick a doctor and hope for the best

I don't even know of ways to check on their credentials here...eeek.
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I know in Canada you contact the provincial medical association (your state would probably have one) and you can usually find out if they've had any complaints, lawsuits, malpractices etc, where they went to school etc.
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Thanks everyone..........hopefully one of them will be able to help me.......
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I think that will be a good place to start. It's great that you both like the doctor. I think that doctors are like vets - every patient's opinion will differ. It's the individual fit that counts.
post #11 of 15 be honest with you,..Not I donĀ“t ...
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NYS has a site thru the state Health Dept. & Attorney Generals office where you can get info on physicians in the state-
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I had to see a shrink for my VA evaluation (which reminds me I have to call them tomorrow about my claim) and I googled him.

It's always worth a shot to see what you pull up.
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I don't know about a national register, but I assume that you must have one! We have one here in the UK where you can find out all your Consultants responsibilities, qualifications, specialisations and hobbies!

Hopefully you can find the information you want, Susie!
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Thanks guys, but with all your help, I haven't found anything free on line. I guess when I have time, I'll have to try making some phone calls. This shouldn't be that hard. There should be a place simply where you can go to see your doctors history, credentials, etc.
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