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persian cats litter box habits??

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Okay a question for you persian breeders-

I have been told and read more than once (most recently on one of these boards) that persians tend to have poor litter box habits and are hard to litter box train.

I have NEVER had this problem with my cat and from my other friends experiences neither have they. I just wanted to know where this info is coming from, if there is any truth to it and if any of you have experienced this problem with your persian?


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Not a persian person, but I never heard of poor litter box habits in any cats if properly trained.

However, you may want to trim some of the longer fur at the base of the tail and the back legs and around the anus as that can get messy.
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My persian does not have bad litter box habits. But I did have to train him when he was a kitten and I always blamed it on being caged. The breeder I bought him from had lots of persians and all the breeding cats and kittens were caged.
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I did work as a volunteer at our local SPCA, and Persian cats were oftne droped off there, at least once a week if not more sometimes.

And often these cats would have problems with the litterbox.
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I havent had a problem. Only with the IBS girl, but shes gotten MUCH better now that we have her on a steady raw diet. everyone else has been a snap to train. just have to keep the boxes super tidy, they dont like mess in their box.
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Yeah- I clean Sebastians box twice a day. But he has never gone anywhere else except the time i locked him in my bedroom on accident and i could not blame him!

I was just wondering where in the world people got the info about the persians. Cause never known anyone with that problem who had a persian.
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I've owned 3 Persians. I haven't had on bit of problem with them and the litterbox.They came into my home as young kittens and used the litterbox just like any other kitten would. Not one accident. This is the first time I have ever heard this about Persians.
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I have two male persian cats.
They are good with litter box.
One was excellent from the start. I brought him home at 10 weeks, and he never had gone outside the box. The other one wasn't so good, I brought him home at 6 months, and he did go outside the box a few times, but since then he learned and now only uses the box.
My parents have a mixed cat and from time to time she does not use the box.
So, I would say my Persians are excellent in using the box.
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I just got a persian kitten and she is GREAT with the litterbox!! She hasnt had any accidents yet!!
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Mine is fine with the box too. Well he is a Himmie actually but his manners in the box are fine. Sometimes he doesn't cover it but he still goes in it.
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I'm not a persian owner, but have read of a lot of Persians with poor litter tray habits, some taking months to re-train, and also the author of Cat Confidential says that she sees a lot of Persian cats for inappropriate toileting.
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All my persians are great litter box users......not one problem or accident. My kittens start learning to use the litter box at about 3.5-4 weeks old, and they pretty much have the hang of it by the time they are 12 weeks when we let them go to there new homes. It makes me wonder who wrote that bit of information.
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Exactly what I was thinking...I think some had a persian with poor potty habits and assumed that the entire breed had that problem. Any cat can have litter box problems if not properly taken care of or they become ill. I did not think there was any truth to that statement!

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