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Thinking of volunteering..

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I went into the kitchen this morning to get breakfast, and I saw that we had a newsletter from our county humane shelter that opened earlier this year, so I was reading through it, and I saw that they wanted volunteers to play with the cats, walk the dogs, etc, so I'm thinking about going over later and seeing if I can do anything. I'm excited, because I've always liked playing with animals and giving them attention at places where they're waiting for adoption, so I just thought I'd share.
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That sounds like it would be fun. I just wouldn't be able to work at a place that killed animals... if I knew which ones were gonna be next I'd probably be setting them free....
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It is lots of fun. sure, it has its ups and downs, but I really do enjoy it. I volunteer in a positive atmosphere as well. Its a non-kill shelter and the lady who runs it is AWESOME! I volunteer regularly. You will love it knowing you are helping the animals by making their stay more comfortable.
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I hope your wishes could be a reality!!!
Way to go my friend!
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I have to agree with Miagi's_Mommy, it is a lot of fun, and it is very rewarding. I volunteer at a local no-kill shelter on Friday evenings. I get to play with the kitties, and often have one or two sitting in my lap purring away. It's such a great way to end the week.

People are always amazed that I can do it, and not want to bring all the kitties home! Trust me, I do, but I know I can't. There have been a couple of times I came close to adopting one. But I talked myself out of it. I told myself I can't take home every kitty that steals my heart, there'd be no room left in the house for the humans!

I hope you get a chance to volunteer there.
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I volunteer for a local TNR organization that has an adoption center in Petsmart. It is the best thing I have ever done. I get to help the cats, meet really cool volunteers and clients, talk to the public about cats, and now I am an adoption counselor as well. It is such a great feeling when a cat you have cared for in the center finds a home. You do get attached and want to help them all but I always remember that my job to find them the BEST home I can by talking to potential adopters.

I have learned so much and no matter how tired I am, I never miss my shift after work. It is just so rewarding even when it is a tough night with sick kitties and difficult people.

I had tried volunteering for another Humane organization and it wasn't for me. This has worked out really well. It is worth checking out just to find out if it isn't how you want to help. There are lots of organizations that need all kinds of volunteers. Give a try.
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After reading your comments, I'm getting more excited. My aunt used to volunteer at another shelter when I was little, but when my mom took me in to visit and play with kitties, I'd cry when we had to leave, because I couldn't take them all home.
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Aw, that will be so great for you!! Hopefully its a good place to volunteer
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