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CFA/TICA madness

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I've enjoyed the Persian conformation discussion so much, and after discussing it at work today we got into a new conundrum- is there anyone that is able to keep straight the CFA/TICA "breeds" with regards to Siamese/Colorpoint/Javanese/Balinese?

I understand it ok- CFA Colorpoint Shorthairs are "Siamese" but with the newer colors i.e. tortie point, flame, lynx point, etc. CFA Balinese are longcoated Siamese, and CFA Javanese are longcoated "Siamese" (really colorpoints) in the newer colors, while TICA Balinese includes Javanese too. And in Europe a Javanese is an Angora?

And the Oriental Longhair comes only in non-pointed colors? God forbid you get a colorpointed Oriental Longhair somehow- what in blue blazes would you call it? And the British Angora used to be an Oriental Longhair here in the US, before there were real Oriental Longhairs.

Does anyone else think this reads like a stand up comedy routine? It would reach a fairly small audience, but would be a real hit at cat show dinners!

I don't really have a question, other than; does anyone think that CFA and TICA will ever come to a meeting of the minds on this?

To an outsider like me it seems that if the Siamese people would just loosen up and accept more than blue, chocolate, seal, or lilac then we could avoid all this jibber-jabber. I know- they want to maintain their breed as is, but still...

[/end Wednesday afternoon ramblings...]
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As far as I know it is the registries not the siamese breeders who are unaccepting of the newer colors.
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CFA is very traditional - they only accept Siamese or Balinese in the 4 standard colors - seal, chocolate, blue, lilac. Any other point color is a "separate" breed.

Some associations will classify all pointed cats as "siamese" or "balinese". ACFA is one of those.

In my opinion any pointed cat of siamese ancestry (NOT the himis ) should be a siamese - that would include the red/tortie, etc. point color.

I think that if you get a pointed cat from the solid colorpoints/orientals its considered an AOV (any other variety). Again, my opinion is that if its pointed, show it as a pointed cat in the siamese class but put registration indicator that its a colorpoint carrier or something.
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