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I purchased a kitten about 2 weeks ago and she(Charlotte) is 8 weeks old. She has a problem when using the litterbox. She habitually steps in her poo after she has used the litterbox. I have to clean her feet at least once a day because she does it constantly. It's driving me nuts because if I don't watch her every single time she tracks her dirty paws on my bed and I have to wash all my sheets and bedspread. I called the vet and they said they had never heard of a kitten doing this constantly, and I've asked many friends who have cats and no one seems to have this problem. I really don't know what to do. Please give me some advice!!
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hehehe. When Gizmo was just a baby, he used to step in his poo, too! Charlotte is just a baby, and probably hasn't learned to cover it up properly. Giver her time and she will no longer do it Try and clean her box out to help her. When Gizmo got it stuck to his paws, I used pet wipes so he wouldn't be so stinky!
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Try a bigger litter box and more litter. She has just not learned to cover it yet, and that will come in time. Another thing you can do is buy a piece of astroturf and put it underneath the box, this will pick up any waste on her paws when she steps out, and it easy to clean with just a spray off with a water hose.
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Hi there,

I've always had that problem with kitties! They're just little babies who don't know about the consequences of poopie on their paws yet! I've always just said to them: "Good boy/girl and then gently picked them up out of the tray, wiped their bottom with a tissue and covered the poopie with the litter myself just to show them that that's what you do. When it's all over I just pick up the offending poopie with some toilet paper or a tissue and flush it in the toilet. Before you know it they'll work out that it's not real nice to step in poopie and they'll be more careful - but that's what I do in the meantime. Good Luck!
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Great news! I did everything suggested and Charlotte hasn't stepped in her poo for almost a week! Thanks so much for the advice!
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Whooohooooo! That's great news - well done!
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