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Introducing orphaned kitten to foster kittens

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I could use some suggestions on what to do about a little orphaned kitten that was brought to me last night at 10 o'clock. Seems my reputation for "crazy cat lady" has gotten around...

Last night I got a call from my neighboor's mom who had found a kitten, he is about 4 weeks old (eyes are still blue, teeth are in, can eat canned food, about 1 lb). He's in great shape, full belly, very curious. He likely wasn't orphaned for long. My daughter called him Kumquat.

I currently have a foster family in my cat room. The kittens are 7 weeks old but very small. I figured I'd just plunk Kumquat in with the rest BUT I'm always a little worried about diseases. Who knows what this little guy may be incubating. (I'm paranoid since fostering a mom who ended up having panleukopenia and she spread it to my other fosters even though she was in a separate room).

So, what do you all think ? Keep little Kumquat separate for X number of days or just let him go with the others ? The mom of the other litter has already been around to inspect Kumquat and doesn't seems to have a problem with him so I know he'd be OK in with the others. It's just the health thing that has me worried.

I know in an adult cat it takes 7-10 days for symptoms of some illnesses to show (panleuk specifically). I assume in a kitten it would show up earlier as their defenses aren't as strong ?

Ahhhhh ! I'm so confused !!

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Julie..my vote is to keep him seperate until he has been seen by a vet. If he was alone and abandoned...who knows if he has something that could be contagious and could comprimise the health of the foster family.

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I totally agree! I brought distempter (panleukemia) into my home by mixing new fosters with old. My child found Odie dead a few days after we got him. Thankfully no one else died from it, but just knowing that I had exposed my babies to a deadly illness scared me! Get the newbie vet checked, and keep him separate from the Mom and babies for at least a week!
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Oh crap !!

I've just come back from running errands to find that momma cat had hopped over the baby gate in the room where I had put Kumquat and she was laying there NURSING him !!


I was trying to keep him separate from the kittens downstairs but obvioulsy momma cat has a different idea. I half expect to see her grab him by the scruff and hike him in with her others...

Is the "damage done" now ?
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If he is ill, she may or may not get sick. Some Mom's have stronger immune systems than their babies, especially if she has been vaccinated. I would still attempt to keep them seperated for 2 weeks. I don't think all hope is lost. If he is harboring something, but not ill, he may not be contagious until he has a full blown infection. I would keep attempting to seperate him, if you can. Hopefully, he will remain the happy and healthy kitten that you have now. Good luck.
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