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How to vary finicky cat's appetite

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Can someone give me some ideas on how to get my cat to eat something other than Purina One? Honestly, that's the one and only food he will have in his mouth.

I've already tried everything I can think of. I've tried mixing cat treats in; he just picks out the Purina. I've tried mixing canned food in with the Purina; he walks away. I've tried wetting the Purina with water in attempts to make a kind of gravy; he just sniffs.

Either Purina would looooove to use him for their commercials or he'd outdo Morris any day, but he's driving his two-legged nuts.

Could anyone give me some new ideas?
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Sorry, can't help you, but I can empathise with you. Ginger eats fish and only fish, and I just went through about 30 different flavors/brands before I was able to find the two that she will currently eat. All others are refused with a turn of her back, a swish of her tail, and her nose held high in the air.
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I feel your pain and frustration. I basically cave about once a week and give in to her (and let her have fancy feast...ugh), but otherwise she watches her brother Rambo eat her wet food (and then whines for food later!)

If you come up with any ideas...let me know!!!
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Have you tried Purina Pro Plan? It's a step up from Purina One (maybe since it's the same brand he'll like it?)
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What's wrong with him eating nothing but Purina One?
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I say try to match flavor and shape and blend any new item with the one for about 2 weeks...
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My grandparents have a 6 y/o cat. He has eaten nothing but Meow Mix his entire life. They have tried dozens of different foods, & the whole 2 week switch over, but he still would only eat Meow Mix. So, they got really creative. They hid one bite of Chicken Soup in his Meow Mix for breakfast. One more bite in his supper. The next day, they added two bites of Chicken Soup to eat meal. If he didn't eat the Chicken Soup out of his meal, they stayed with the same number of kibble bites the next day until he ate them. He is now at 26 bites of Chicken Soup in his Meow Mix. Tedious work, but it might work for you.
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Do you know how many others on this board would like to be in your shoes?? My Loki is just like that - he is very content at eating one and only one type of food.

If your baby is thriving why whould that be a problem???
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sarahp and Hell603, maybe I have to say "good question." All I have to go on is the research into cat nutrition that I personally have found, but I hear that wet food is better for a neutered male than only dry. I've read that only dry food can cause urinary problems.

Just my own personal thinking, but cats in their wild state had no bags of dry food someone would open for them. Would not canned meat food be more natural for them; food their systems were really more designed to eat?

I have no real answers for this question, and I much hope not to start some kind of controversy about which is best to feed a cat. I'm just kindof thinking through my keyboard.

From the number of posts regarding other cats who only eat one thing, maybe I'm concerned about nothing.
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