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look what princess did to me

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So last night in the middle of the night Princess did a marathon run, and when she went to go jump on the bed she almost fell off and grabbed my arm and scratched me really bad woke up right out of my sleep, felt like some one was killing me but i know she didnt mean it.
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gotten quite a few of those myself only thing with me is that I'm very sensitive to kitty scratches, they swell up and burn and itch like mad!
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2 words: soft claws!

No more accidental scratches....and WELL worth the $17 they cost!
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl
2 words: soft claws!

No more accidental scratches....and WELL worth the $17 they cost!

soft claws what is that?
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Ouch !

It must have hurt a lot. Just be careful and disinfec it, cat scratches can become infected easily.

Here's the website for softclaws;
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ooohhh i seen those in the store before i think they are a good idea and this weekend i think imight get them, hopefully they have pink,lol thanks
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Ouch!, that does looks like it hurt. Be sure to keep an eye on it for signs of infection!
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Ugh.. I hate those. I have a recent one from Sassy because the dogs scared her when I was holding her, and it left a scar. They hurt.
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Ooh, I've had MANY of those...when the cats goes to jump in your lap but falls instead and uses your leg to try to catch themselves...ugh!

Hydrogren peroxide burns really bad, but that always helps me heal faster.
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OUCH!! My cats arent too bad about scratching me, but my daughter is getting scratches all the time! She just got a new one today-and that sucker is long!! I keep telling her to leave the kittys alone, but it just doesnt work.
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Originally Posted by Lilo
Ouch !
I hope you´re better now!
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I once had an entire cat paw printed on the top of my foot from "midnight madness" run around time. Kipper was running around chasing Mushi, and Mushi jumped far enough off of the bed, where as Kipper missed and grabbed my foot. Yikes.
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Ouchie, you should see the scratches on me.....eek.
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Man, that sucks eh? I got a bad one when we moved this past weekend..I tried moving Trout to another room, and she was so scared, so tore my arm up jumping out of my grip.
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Tiger likes to attact my feet in my sleep. He likes to sleep at my feet and ends up getting them too.
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Ouch!! My cat, Patsy, was using my bed as a race track a while ago and I ended up with a scratch that went from the the middle of my nostril through both lips and half way down my chin. Boy did that hurt!!! Not to mention I looked pretty stupid going to work like that for a week.
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My Princess does that to me too, except she does it on my inner thigh. Now that really hurts.
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So, not, my favorite way to be woken up. Hope that it doesn't get infected and that it heals real soon.
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I had a feral cat scratch the heck out of me. I have deep scars...see this guy was giving away 'free cats' and I went to see them...they were all feral

He was able to pick one of them up cause they semi trusted him and handed it to me and it freaked and totally clawed my upper chest nearer actually to my arm.

I was able to get one...who seemed docile....I was like well I can provide one of these poor babies with a home....well....she was just 'more' docile and she was pregnant.

Well we were on our way out the door and she took off like lightning quick and I never saw her again.....which I feel awful for....this man had 5 cats on his property at least....all were scared of people, one dog and two ponies.

None of them spayed or neutered. This one I picked up was no more than 7 months old. I was really upset that she took off. And I couldn't catch her. She just disappeared. I felt awful about the whole situation...cause Lord only knows what happened to her or her babies....but I think I was more angry at this man for not taking care of the animals in his care...know what I mean?

Not to hijack this thread.
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