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Need Help with other house cat not accepting new kitten.

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Ok my moms 11 y/o cat has not been doing good since Ropers arrival. At first it was nothing but a hissy fit and Simba would still come downstairs to eat/drink/ and use the litter box. The first friday we had Roper we took him to the vet and we also took Simba. That in itself was a traumatic experience for Simba because the vet had to tranqulize him.

Now Simba will not come downstairs to the laundry room at all to his belongings.

We have a 2 story house. Simba's "room" is downstairs in the laundry room. Ropers "room" is downstairs in my bathroom.

Simba at first would always quickly run downstairs to avoid confrontation with Roper. Now he doesnt want to come downstairs at all and he hasnt pooped in 3 days. He doesnt eat or drink much but thats because Roper wont stay out of Simba's room. Every time I catch Roper eating/drinking out of Simba's bowls I take him out of the room. Simba smells his scent and then refuses to use it.

Simba on top of that has been having hair ball trouble to.
My mom locked him in the laundry room last night so that Simba had every oppurtunity to eat/drink/use the litter box.

Simba is also P O'd at me. He hardly lets me touch him and he hisses when he smells Roper on me. I thought Simba would get over it in a few days and him and Roper would be running around playing like Simba did with Prissy.

Prissy was a Pure White Persian Kitten we paid $500.00 for. Simba didnt like her at first but after he got over it they were playing and ect. We had to give her back to the breeder because we found out that Persians can be hard to litter train and she hit every bed in the house before she left.

So its not like Simba has never been exposed to a new arrival before. It seems like Simba wants to be Leader of the Up Stairs and that Roper is Leader of the Down Stairs. But Simbas belonging have to stay in the laundry room so moving them up stairs cant be an option.

Do you think it will blow over? I hope so.


Roper is my Signature.
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There is a sticky third from the top about cat behavior problems that has a section in it about introducing a new cat. The whole process done correctly takes about two weeks and begins with isolating the new cat in it's own room behind a closed door and involves trading scents using something cloth like a blanket or towel. They should be something old that you don't care much about because it will be a while before they can be washed. Even with proper introductions, the most they may do is just tolerate each other. Like people all cats are different and some will be real friends others will only ignore each other but not fight.
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