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Can they meet their father?

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The kittens will be 9 weeks old tomorow. Can I introduce them to their father? He seems interested and so do they.

Would he attack them?
He is neutered.

Any ideas?
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How long ago was he neutered?
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He has been neutered for two months now.
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this might sound stupid, but does he have any idea he is the father, that they are his?
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I would confine either the male or the kittens in a large crate or carrier to see what kind of behavior happens before allowing upclose and personal interaction. Males, even neutered males, can be unpredictable with little kittens.
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No, he doesn't. All he knows is that they smell like you, your home, your girl. Those are all good things, but still, males can be unpredictable. Watch very closely and be prepared to act if necessary.
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Sneakers took a kitten Ziggy yesterday... it was so cute! He's been investigating then running away for a couple days now, but when Sneakers showed him a kitten, he licked it! Of course, they are highly supervised and we'd never leave them alone.
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I've had whole males and neutered males around kittens. They were more afraid of the kittens then vice versa! Expect some hissing on both sides, but don't be surprised if the adults run from the kittens.

My older males didn't want anything to do with very young kittens - they just didnt' "act" like a cat or something - they would wait to play with them when over 3 months of age.
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I guess I tend to err on the side of extreme caution ... my male (my kittens' father) can be aggressive when overstimulated and the activity level of kittens most certainly will overstimulate him. So, I just don't run the risk of it. But then, my guy isn't neutered and might behave differently from a neuter.
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Nina's kittens are now 4 wks old and big enough to wobble around the closet. Cassidy (father) and Clyde (uncle) come and go as they please. They both groom the kittens and swat them about...nicely I still don't leave the house with my bedroom door open but if I'm home I open it and let them visit. With my cats the earlier the intro, the better but that is just my bunch.
Let us know how it goes
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My neighbor kept her male with the female and the baby until about 1 month after they were all spayed or neutered. I warned her it might not be a good idea and that the female could become pregnant again but she still kept them all in one very small room (she did end up being pregnant again when we spayed her). The father would groom the mother and the baby and they would all sleep curled up together. They were so sweet I have never seen that. Most people seperate the male and keep him seperate. But since he doesn't know they are his then it is the same as interducing two new kittens. So do it cautiously and slowly and expect some hissing or growling.
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When Sissy's kittens were born, Buddy strutted about like a proud peacock. He would check them out and then look at me as if to say, "Look what I did!" When they were older, he would bathe them. He still bathes them from time to time.
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