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8 year old with unknown problem

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Hello all - I was directed here by another member of the site in hopes that someone will have a suggestion. For a brief intro, I am owned by 3 cats ages 1, 8, and 14. They are all indoor only and eat Natural Balance food.

About two months ago I noticed what I can only describe as a small crusty spot on the cheek of my 8 year old. The next day her entire back was covered in small bumps (running my hand down her back felt like she had goosebumps, if you can imagine that sensation). I examined her even closer and found another small scabby spot on the base of her neck leading towards her back. I took her to the vet who had me treat her with frontline plus and gave me something that I'm failing to remember right now! I can find out if necessary, but in short it was an oral pill of some kind that seemed to work because low and behold, the scabby disappeared after awhile and the back crud sluffed off over the next few days. Then my 14 yr old turned up with a scabby as well, so I, much to their dismay, bathed all the cats thinking they just needed a good scrubbing. They've never had baths. Everyone looked fine and I thought all was well.

Now, the 8 year old has the crusties, though no "scab" looking area under her chin. In general her face looks a little rough right now. My vet has no idea what's causing this. He thought maybe it was an allergy to something, but they've been eating this food for awhile (6-9 months give or take?) and nothing has changed about their care and keeping. He treated with the frontline because he found one dead flea on her...literally, one. I have combed through them with a flea comb and come up empty handed. She's a white calico too so they're not hard to spot if she gets them. He thought she might've had an allergice reaction to the flea if it bit her while alive, but that makes no sense because she has had fleas in years past before I treated and never had a reaction.

Does anyone have any idea what might be going on? Sorry for being long winded, I didn't want to leave something out!
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I don't have a clue what it could be unless its some type of allergic reaction to somtheing. Just wnted to say I hope you find out the problem, you say your son has it also?
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If the vet has "no clue" then I believe I would seek a second opinion.
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...and a referral to a Feline Specialist
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To clarify, no I don't have a son. One of my other cats, the oldest female (14 yrs) had the same problem but in a much milder reaction. The vets diagnosis was that it was an allergic reaction to the (dead) fleas bite. Presumably before it died, it bit her and caused a reaction. But that makes no sense to me because neither of them have ever had a reaction to a flea bite and in years past I didn't treat and occasionally we would get a mild case of fleas.

Now, I treat and there are no fleas so it wouldn't make any sense for that to be the problem. I just can't figure out what she would be having an allergic reaction to.... Same food, indoor only, I don't keep live plants (except for a couple that I've had for YEARS w/no problems that are cat safe).

It doesn't seem to bother them. They eat well, act normal and seem otherwise healthy. It's just bothering me because something's causing it and I don't know what.
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Have you done any household cleaning recently with a product you haven't used in the past?
Changed laundry detergent?
Fabric Softener?
New kitty treat, either purchased expressly from them or some human food they may have eaten?
Purchased something any kind of fabrics or materials that may have had something on them to cause a reaction from contact?

I would think that unless you have run into some sort of mutant fleas it would not cause the same reaction in all three cats.

I hope you can find the culprit bothering your fur babies and stop the problem soon.
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Originally Posted by Hell603
...and a referral to a Feline Specialist
Any idea how I would go about finding out where one of those is? I'd rather not insult my vet by asking for a referral.
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Originally Posted by WigWag
Any idea how I would go about finding out where one of those is? I'd rather not insult my vet by asking for a referral.
Your vet shouldnt be offended by asking for a specialist to look at the cats...
Allergies can develop out of the blue
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I would try switching their diet to a Duck & pea something with limited ingredients. Just because a cat is on a food doesn't mean they can't become allergic.

Also - are you treating every month with flea control? If not, it could be just one flea bite setting them off if they are that sensative to them. If you are treating every month, I would try a different flea control because they could be allergic to what you're using.
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I don't know where in Indiana you are but how about

Purdue University for Vertrenary Medicine


they are in lafayette (sp?) - If it is too far maybe they can referr you...
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