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Daily Thread : Wed. 5th July

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Just got back from the vets with Jake. He is 12 1/2 now, time has flown past it doesn't seem that long ago that he was sitting in the palm of my hand at 6 weeks old He was soooo cute

He usually has a grumble when the thermometer, he had a quick look round as you would but he was a very good boy today. Had his annual boosters and worm tablet, weighed, ears, teeth and eyes all checked.

Well its another scorching day in the land of the leek so what to do? Carry on the decorating from yesterday ? Or sit in the garden with the cats and read my new copy of Forest of Secrets (Warrior Cats).

No contest really

Have a great day guys
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Morning So pleased that Jake passed with flying colours at the vets

It's another hot one here today in Geordieland, but too hot to be in the office
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Morning all! (just sneaking into morning, mind you!)

Glad Jake's MOT went well!

Another glorious day here in the Land Of Manc too! Already walked the cats this morning to make sure they had some shade! Tibby harassed a poor beetle for the entire time!

Not going to be doing much work today as my hands are blistered all over from yesterday's work So I guess I'll be getting on with a quick clean and tidy and get the fish cleaned out!

Have a great day everyone, hope nobody melts!
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One of my fishies died yesterday it was breathing but laying dead at the top of the tank so i took it out of its misery and flushed him down the toilet!

Today its warm im gonna laze around!
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Awww, Fran Your poor fishy
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Good Morning everyone! I had to come back to work today! And I have a LOT of work to do aswell! I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I will update everyone on my busy weekend as I get breaks throughout the day!! (We've been planning my sister's wedding!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that Lee had a race this Saturday and did extremely well! He qualified on the pole and finished in 2nd!
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Another sunny day here-with fairly good temps. Slept ok last night which is amazing as I had a terrrible headache earlier in the evening. Had a good time at the family picnic-didn't do too bad eating. But my hands are all swollen-I didn't do ANY gardening activities at all so I hope they calm down later is morning.
Have to leave in a few minutes to look at a potential job, then one greenhouse is selling everything at 40% off so I have to stop and look. Then I will finally pick up the paint for the kitchen so I can start working on that project!!

Have a nice day!!!
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Yep Jake is fine, thanks.

I haven't done anything today except to read my book in the garden, already half way through it

Juicey diet is going well, i weighed myself this morning (day 7) and have lost 7lbs So the claim is right 7lbs in 7 days

All i have to do now is make sure i dont lapse into bad habits again Stay well clear of 'fast food' and caffeine. Not sure i can stick to having no beer or JD tho
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Good morning

I was able to sleep in a little bit today (I can't believe Reilly let me!)

I'm going to try and call a possible employer today, she sent me and email and I replied but she hasn't gotten back to me yet This job wouldn't be the "dream job" I've been looking for but is certainly closer than my current one.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
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Good Morning Everyone!

I had a fabulous weekend. I got my hair done on Saturday (I'm a blonde now!), and then got some things done around my house. Then Sunday I drenched myself in sunshine, and spent the day on the porch with my SIL catching some rays! I have a nice little tan thanks to my heritage, I tan pretty quickly. I spent Sun & Mon with my nephew Damien, who I believe is my 1st true love . I was able to get him on video being adorable... I'll have to see tonight if I can get a link to it posted. Hubby had some beautiful fireworks that he set off for all the kids in the neighborhood. They had a great time. I broke my tooth this I have to see if the dentist can squeeze me in tonight. Yuck. Today is icky & "enough already!!!"

Have a great Monday, oops Wednesday everyone!
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I'm at work today! It's going to be another long one I can just tell. I saw Superman Returns yesterday, and it's good, but if anyone want's to discuss the ending PM me. I have some thoughts that would spoil the movie.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
Good morning

I was able to sleep in a little bit today (I can't believe Reilly let me!)

I'm going to try and call a possible employer today, she sent me and email and I replied but she hasn't gotten back to me yet This job wouldn't be the "dream job" I've been looking for but is certainly closer than my current one.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Ooooh!! That sounds exciting Tracy, good luck with that job. Obviously she is interested if she emailed you, so I'm sure she is probably just a busy lady and thats why she hasn't gotten back to you yet...I'm sure she will

Good morning all

I had a delicious steak last night for dinner as promised, and man I am still full

Not much going on here today, just working and drinking coffee I have the biggest pimple right in the crease of my nose...eeeeew! I feel like I'm 14 again.

Well, have a great day...hopefully you guys don't have any mammoth pimples today
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Morning everyone!!!!!!! I hope everyone had a good 4th of july!!!! My boyfriend and I went to his brothers house (it was also jis brothers b-day) and we watched fireworks at his house, the neighborhood loved his show The weather here isnt that good been rainin like crazy today its only supposed to be 72 and cloudy!!! I also slept pretty well, havent in a couple of days because its so hot and my boyfriend takes up the whole bed!!!!!! I gotta work today But have tomorrow off and have to do a million things, well everyone have a great day!!!!!!
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Lovely sunny day here in Maine. I had to get up early and get to my 8:15 doc appointment for my monthly B-12 shot. That should give me the energy to mow the lawn. So my day will be mowing and then watering the gardens. The cats are going out with me to help do the garden work. They are so good about staying right in the yard with me.
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I got up, got the kids their morning cereal, Apple Jacks for the 2 year old and Rice Krispies for the 6 year old.

Watched some cartoons for a short time and then I put it on the news...and to say I'm concerned is to put it lightly. This N.Korea thing has me incredibly concerned. I posted my feelings though over in IMO.

It's cloudy today, looks like it may rain. We'll see.
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good morning everyone!

I had a great weekend, but it went by too fast. I walked a dog in the parade yesterday from the shelter where I volunteer. her owner came and reclaimed her! I am so happy for Bodan. Here she is..

isn't she beautiful? I am sooo happy for her!! she was such a sweet girl.

today is going good, sunny..hopefully it doesn't get too hot. I hope everyone has a great day!
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Good afternoon all!! I am having to use my moms computer because my mouse is not working...blah! Guess I need to go get a new one, or just the cord thingy(lol) anyways-had a good time last night at my sisters, didnt eat a whole lot! YAY! The fireworks were beautiful, even though it did sprinkle off and on. Hope you all have a super day!!
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Happy Wednesday everyone.

Finally the humidity and hot weather has lifted for a day. But it's supposed to be back in the 30's by this weekend. Is summer over yet?

Just came back from a job interview and today is also the first day of my photography course. Woohoo! I've been delaying taking a photography course for too long so this will be fun. It's the only homework that I will actually want to do.

Have a great afternoon!
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Afternoon everyone!
I'm off to work in about an hour. YUCK! I'm tired of these night shifts. I do them three times a week but this week I've done it Mon, Tues and today. I'm over them! Tomorrow I have a vet appt for Rocket and Twig. Twig just needs a Rabies update and Rocket has a swollen eye and his ears are bothering him. I was hoping for an earlier appt because of Rocket but this was the earliest they could do for me. Poor thing. He's had this eye infection thing since Sat and I wish I knew why. I guess I'll find out tomorrow. Brads grandpa is in the hospital and we might go see him tomorrow also. What a busy day. And it's not even here yet!

Have a fantastic day everyone!
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Good afternoon all ,

Today is supposed to be busy, but I never seem to want to get anything done.

I need to go to a government agency to change my last name with them for my social insurance card so I can apply for my student loan.

I have to try and get a part time job. I am either too qualified or under qualified and most of the student summer jobs were taken back in April when I was still taking spring classes .

I worked at B.K. while going to highschool and I know I could go back there and get a job easily but I don't wanna! I'm trying to avoid places that temp me and working there would not be a good idea!

Other than that, not much here to do.

Hope everyone has a great humpday!
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