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Kitten with an URI. Help, need lots of advice!

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It's past 3 am here and I'm scared to death for this little guy.

I got snug, monday. Near a park I hang out in with my friends, was this guy just passing around a box of kittens to see if anyone wanted one. By the time I peeked in, there was one left. This little guy was sneezing and wheezing and totally sick so I grabbed him right away.

I rushed him to a vet and he is diagnosed with URI and being emaciated. He's on clavamox .10 cc right now, twice a day. He's eating, but not very much and tonight, he's been weezing, gasping. His mouth opens and closes when he breathes. I've done the steamy bathroom thing five times today and this seems to help him relax and eat a little something, but is there anything more I can do to help him?
I've been holding him all day, seriously. I took an old t-hoody, flipped it around so I have a little 'pouch' against my chest that he can snuggle in and I can keep a close eye on him. I blew off my friends tonight so that I could stay home and keep him in the cool AC.

So what else is there? I feel completly helpless here and trust me, something this tiny is scary to take care of.
He weighs in at 12oz right now, but the vet said he looks to be 7 weeks old.

I'd be so grateful for ANY advice.
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I just went through the same thing with my Bella, she was that sick also when I brought her home from the shelter..

Im suprised he is on 10 on the antibiotics, Bella was only on 4, hmmmm, and she is 10 weeks old...

But if thats what the vet said then do it, although you would think it would work faster.
Bella was better almost completely after 3-4 days, And I really dont have anything more to recommend, but to keep the eyes, and nose clean with a warm soft rag, or cotton balls...
And your already doing the showers, I didnt notice the steam really helped her..
The breathing through the mouth is scary, but it should improve, as it did with mine, I wish you the best of luck with your little guy, and your great for taking him..
I would try to push any foods/ and water possible, even if its tuna, or tuna juice...As eating really helped my baby..
Luckily she never really stopped eating..
Good luck
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firstly welcome to TCS and THANKYOU for taking this little guy in!! THANKYOU!!
I personally can not give you any advise but there are alot of our members will be able to help as much as they can. Please be aware though that since its middle of the night US time that the board is alot slower at this time with only the other world timezones online.

Stick with us and I promise we will do all we can to help you & advise you. You have come to the right place.

My only advise at this moment would be to try and get him to eat & drink as much as possible.

Thankyou for caring for this little guy
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Thankyou so much for the advice you both were able to give!

Last night, I dampened a cotten ball with tepped water. Tested its temp on my wrist(like you do baby bottles) and then squeezed out ALL the water I could so I could gently wipe off any crusties on his little pink nose. That helped the gasping problem, allot.

He slept; I slept.
He's eating just small bites at a time and climbing into my arms. I have to keep setting him back on the table and urging him to eat between snuggles. But he managed to get half a t-spoon in him.

I'll try to get him to eat in another hour. Or should I wait for every two hours to offer him tiny bits of food?
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Fluids are better at this point to 1) break up the congestion and 2) keep him well hydrated.

I would suggest a bit of kitten glop:

or a little warmed human baby food in chicken or turkey meat flavors only (no veggies or onions).
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Thankyou so much. I book marked that page; have it printed out and am trying to figure out where to find acidophilus capsule and grapefruit seed extract.
I'm guessing a health food store?
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Yes, but those ingredients are optional. If you don't have them or can't get them you can make the basic recipe and feed that. I also like the baby food for little ones who can't smell - gently warming the jar in a little bowl of hot water brings out the aroma and helps to stimulate the kitten's sense of hunger.
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great! The grocery is open in a few minutes, he's still sleeping so I'm sneaking out to get the basics and some baby meat. Turkey,Chicken and Beef.. does one normally have a stronger oder then the others?
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here is a website designed by 2 of our members
not sure how much help it will be right now, but it will be good to have bookmaked. Glad Gaye is on the scene as she will have some good advise.

I think its best just to get all varieties of baby food at this stage and see what he will take

are you planning on putting a call into your vet and asking there advise?

poor little guy - keep fighting little one
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URI's are tough. Isis had the same probelm. Keep the face (eyes and nose) clean, make sure lots of liquids, and some food goes down. If your kitten isn't better by today call you vet and check in again.. Maybe they need to change dosage/change meds/ put the kitty on an ivy and so forth. Good luck during this stressful time and welcome.
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Snug is in the hospital for now. They want to push more fluids and are nebulizing him.

Poor lil'pooper. I'm not all religiousor anything, but I'm actually praying. Half my friends think I'm nuts for not going to work today,but screw it. I can swing a shift if it means he'll get better.

so,possitive energy and prayers are flittering his way

I have everything for the glop and baby food, just waitnig for him to come back.
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Aww he must be really bad, and dont listen to your friends, half of mine dont want to come to my house and I dont care...
Mine are so snuggly they try to snuggle with those who dont even like cats...

Did they say how long they were keeping him??
I bet the fluids and nebulizer will be the boost he needed...
Sometimes the fluids are the best things in the world..
Let us know how it goes, hopefully you will have a playful kitten by the end of the week
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I'm hoping they just keep him for the day. I'm going nuts here..

I've never had a pet befor. I never even considered it. Now, I know why. They drive ya nuts with worry.
I'm going to go into work just to make my pacing stop and to tick the day away faster.

The vet has the number and I'll skip out if Snug needs me.
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SNUG: Hopefully the vet will take good care of the kitten.We just wenT through the whole URI thing with our cats and our 1 kitten.URI takes time to go away and it is VERY stressful on the kitty and you.When he comes home if you still can't get him to eat take some dry kitten food and moisten it with it water(enought to make a gravy like liquid)and then get an eye dropper and suck the juice(gravy) up and feed it to him,that will give him the fluid from the water plus the liquid form of the food,do that about 4-5 times a day.It is going to take alot of patience and worry.But don't give up no matter how bad it gets because they do go through a stage of URI where they are very weak,have a tempature and don't want to eat or drink and I think that is the worst part of the URI.Good Luck and keep us updated!!!
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Thanks KittyCity, for the nice pep talk and vote of confidence.

I just got back from the Vet and he's home with me now. He's not drinking on his own,but he is lapping up the kitten glop recepe I followed. They showed me how to use the seringe much more effectively, behind the k-9 tooth (that should be cat-9 in my opinion).

They gave him fluids and that helped, allot. The nebulizer worked for his little lungs and at this moment, he's standing next to my mouse, licking up a yogart-lid full of glop.

He's a cute little pooper. I didn't realize cats came in this color! It's long,very long from head to tail (maybe 3" long)and he's the color of Irish Cream. His nose is all smooshed in, with wide set eyes.
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Originally Posted by Snug
I've never had a pet befor. I never even considered it. Now, I know why. They drive ya nuts with worry.
welcome to the world of kitten love This little boy will love you unconditionally and you will wonder why it took you so long to bring one of these marvellous creatures into your life.

Glad he is home with you now and I am glad your feeling a bit more confident about things. What did the vet say?

and whats his name? is it snug (your username?)
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Yes. His name is Snug.
I'm in a Shakespear In The Park troup (have been every summer that I can remember. lol)
We are performing Mid Summer's Night Dream this weekend. There's a char named "Snug" in it. Cute little fat fuzzy man. In the play,there is another play of course, done by the Mechanicals. Snug is one of them and his part in the play is as a Lion. So I figured it fit.

My name is Sasha. I guess I should sign that at the bottom of my posts.

I didn't mean to confuse anyone.
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no problems Sasha - we all just like to know the little boys name

What a wonderful description for his name - I sure hope he is as brave and a fighter like a lion

It would be great if you posted in the New Cats on the Block part of the forum so that we can all welcome you & Snug to TCS
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Sasha, (nice to "meet" you)

One of the things you will find in caring for a sick baby kitten is that you will forge a much, much stronger bond with him and he with you. It will be a relationship you will both cherish, trust me on this. Welcome, not only to TCS, but also to the wonderful world of being owned by a cat. Be very, very afraid. *wink*
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