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Danger....your cats collar

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Your cat may be in danger....
I apologise in advance if this has already been posted....But cats lives are in Danger.

We had a call out earlier tonight of a cat that was entangled in its collar.
The injury to this cat is ...awful, it shouldn't happen,and can be avoided.

The cat had an elasticated collar.
A collar that should 'snap off' under pressure.

It didn't and as the cat got bigger and tighter the cat got its leg under the collar and stuck.
How long this cat has been like this...only God knows.

This cat is still on the streets and severley injured.

I just want to remind anybody,Buying and putting a collar on a cat....

First....Always make sure its elasticated and NOT made in china,Taiwan,Or with the letters ce on the packing.
Cats collars should snap under pressure if your cat gets caught in a tree or fence.

There are no makers guidelines in China,Taiwan,or CE..... some do not snap!!!!
It is worth paying that extra for a collar that will snap.CHECK BEFORE YOU BUY..PLEASE.

Second....never stretch the elastic on the collar when fitting it to your cat.

Third....Always make sure you can fit any of your two fingers under the collar after fitting it.

Four...As your cat gets bigger,Make the collar bigger


Thanks for reading this.....please tell your friends
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This states well the importance of our kitties wearing high quality safety collars only. I also test my girls' collars before they wear them to ensure the snap will give easily.
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I couldn't agree more. My girls wear the snap open collars, and when Sophie was younger she managed to snap hers open with her mouth several times Had she had one of the elasticated ones on i still get shivers just thinking about it because she would have been like that all day while i was at work

I know a lot of people don't like the idea of collars at all, but although the girls are chipped i like to make sure they have as much id on them as possible should anything happen
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We have "safecat" "yuppiecats" and a lupine colar. The lupine one seems to snap off the easiest.. Rocky is always wrestling with Zakk and sometimes they manage to snap it off. The safecat ones are pretty good, but certain ones are easily shredable. I have one that is coated with a plasticy material and Zakk's has a nice ribbon sewn on. Cookie has the kind that is covered with silk with an animal print. I got him that one because it lasted for a long time on Rocky, who is a collar destructer.
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Thank you for this important reminder about cat collar safety.

I hope that kitty is OK.
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Zissou broke all three of her new lupine collars within a month. They're sending me replacements. I guess that's just the hassle I have to deal with in order to ensure her safety... sometimes I want to get her one that won't come off but I know I can't.

Isn't this story really about the dangers of an elastic collar as opposed to a regular breakaway one?
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Skittles' collar is not elastic, but it does snap properly like it should. I tested it several times before putting it on him, and he has tested it out himself....when getting himself wound up in the house. lol
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom
Isn't this story really about the dangers of an elastic collar as opposed to a regular breakaway one?
I'm sorry everybody but in my haste to warn everybody i must have forgot .....

There are cheap elasticated cat collars made in the east (China/Taiwan/Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia and some parts of south europe,and the cotton that should break on these collars is not stitched with the correct grade of thread.
Which means some of these collars are being made with thread that will NOT snap under pressure.

When i said ' hard collar' this means plastic collars with buckles and plastic flea collars with buckles.

I apologise for any confusion caused
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Thank you for that clarification, Diana.
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