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Altered cats trying to mate???

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For the past year and two months, my family has had two indoor cats, Boo and Gracie. All of my life up until last year, we had only had one cat at a time, so I don't know a whole lot about how two cats living together will grow, interact, etc. over the course of their lives. Boo and Gracie, who are brother and sister, and lost their mother when they were only one week old, are best friends. They sleep together, they clean each other, they play, and they're as sweet as they can be - to each other and to everyone they meet.

Boo is neutered, and Gracie is spayed.

But just 15 minutes ago, I heard Gracie howl out this weird meow-scream, followed by an angry growl. It was the most bizarre sound I had ever heard her make, so I ran into the room immediately to see what was going on...

Boo was in her face staring at her, both of their ears were slicked back against their heads, and their tails were wagging back in forth in typical "angry cat" fashion.

I just stood there and watched, and next thing I know, Boo jumps on top of her, pins her down, and bites her neck. I've never seen him show any hint of aggression towards anything, so I freaked out, and made him get off.

He did it again. Gracie cries out again.

I put Boo out in the garage away from Gracie.

Is this behavior normal/healthy??? I'm so confused right now! Any advice?
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I have the same problem. Simba is always trying to mate SunLee. They are both fixed. Actually Simba was nuetered at 4 1/2 months. SunLee came to me as a young retired Queen. Simba never tried the mating thing, until SunLee became a part of the family. Now, he tries it all of the time. Ms SunLee has no interest in it, of course, but Simba tries several times a day.
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My fixed cats have done this in the past and it's really about dominance, not sex. Your Boo is trying to show Gracie that he is the boss.
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