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When is a lump a "lump"?

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Ooookay, so I found something on Nya when I was giving her a belly rub. It's beside one of her nipples, beneath the skin, but at this point it is just a tad bigger than her nipple itself. It's tiny. But because of the feel of it and the location I am a little concerned. I know both my kitties bodies VERY well, so that I'd be able to feel anything out of place, so I know it's rather new.

So when would you be concerned? Would you take her into the vet now? Would you wait to see if there's any growth? Help!
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As a overly cautious meowmy ... I would make a vet appt ASAP for you ... I will pray it is just a fatty lump and nothing serious..
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My advice is to take her in. When we found Much's lump between her shoulder blades, you could barely feel it. But the vet ended up taking a precancerous tumor the size of a small fist out the next week. After experiencing lumps in both my human family and my cats, I believe that a professional should look at them as soon as possible. Then you can do the wait and see if that is what the professional's advice is.
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I would definitely take her to the vet just to be safe....
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Definite vet visit. If it hard and attached it is likely more serious than if it is soft and moves around. The earlier you find out about it the easier it will be, both on your nerves and in any treatment required.
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Calls for a vet visit. I've had this with 4 of my cats, 3 times with good outcome (one was a lipoma, another turned out to be a degenerative cyst, and one was Frankie - turned out to be a hernia through her spay incision...not that we knew she was spayed for sure!)

One time was mammary cancer, my sweet Mervat.
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My dog has had several incedents with "lumps" becomming cancerous and she is currently being monitored with a lump that is benign at the i would say err on the side of caution and take the kitty to the vet for a simple biopsy. It isn't too painfull and it is as quick as a kitty getting a shot is.They can insert a needle into the bump and retract cells and test them to see if they're benign or malignant. (it is probably just a cyst, so don't worry too much- they're fairly common- but definitely get it checked out to be sure.)
Good luck! Keep us posted!
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Aaaah I usually overreact when it comes to the kitties and call the vet immediatley for little to no reason, so I thought I'd take a breather with this and not call right away. Now you guys have me worried I'll be calling the vet in the morning!
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Good luck! Keep us posted and try not to worry too much.
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Okay guys, I called the vet and made an appointment for next Tuesday (as I'm working every day from now until then). Hopefully they'll tell me it's nothing and send me home!
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Will keep our fingers crossed!
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Good job making the appointment.

The best part of going to the appointment is that then it will be off your mind.

Otherwise, if you''re like me, you'll always be thinking about it.

Good luck.

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I will be sending it is nothing vibes and prayers///
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Good luck Nya!
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Okay so we went to the vet today. Pretty much it is too small for them to really tell me anything about it, so I'm to wait and see if it grows, and bring her in if it gets to be the size of a pea.

I did however learn that she's slightly underweight and I need to increase the amount of food she eats (which is hard cause she eats a million times slower than Buddy and I have to fight him away from her already!)

(edit to ask... is it possible to edit the title of this post to let people know there's an update? I don't seem to be able to...)
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Well, hopefully it just goes away. Sending Nya positive get better vibes.
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