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Gee, I don't know. Changing an outfit is a heck of a lot easier than eliminating something such as a facial tattoo. Women in pants in the workplace is commonplace nowadays. It seems to me that the school is being just as ridiculous in picking a fight over such a small issue. It's not like she is asking to be photographed in the nude for the picture.
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Women in pants in the workplace is commonplace nowadays.

I entirely agree with you. I work in a hospital setting, and a majority of the women who work in administrative roles here wear pantsuits. They look extremely professional, even if they are wearing "men's clothing".

I saw a quick blurb on our local television station about this issue, and the girl in question was wearing a button-down shirt and khakis. I wouldn't call that men's attire, I'd call that what I wear for most of the fall. I can't understand why this is such a big issue. As someone else said, it's not like she wanted to have her picture taken in the buff.
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has to do with sexual preference. I don't see it as a statement of any kind. I also find it offensive (NOT as a lesbian, just as a person, by the way) that the school district automatically associates a woman wearing "man's" clothing with lesbianism. The two things have nothing to do with each other. I know as many lesbians who are "girly" as I know "butch" ones. I know as many gay men who weightlift as I know those who dance.
I myself (a straight woman) would prefer to wear a suit in a photo myself. I simply don't like dresses. I would also fight it, in a court of law if necessary. It seems to be an archaic rule, hearkening back to the days of "don't you dare leave the house without woolen underwear and three petticoats or they'll think you're a hussy, young lady".
I wish people would think about what they are saying before they stereotype. The fact that this woman prefers suits and is a lesbian may have something to do with each other, but they are not essentially related.
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When I taught at public and private schools, I wore slacks and pantsuits. I wore pantsuits when I worked at the Steinway piano store. I also wore more jewelry and dressier clothes there because of the products I was representing. These are women's clothes. I adjusted my attire to the situation. It's my understanding that this young lady wants to wear a man's suit. She's making a statement, and that's fine, but the school doesn't have to change its dress code. I think she is also making a mountain out of a molehill. I reiterate: Choose your fights; there are causes worthy of a fight against city hall. She might win, but it could be a Pyrrhic victory.
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This is a direct quote from Tigger's initial post:

Did anyone see the lawsuit goin on MSNBC this afternoon? A lesbian high school senior is suing her school because they won't let her wear a suit (guy's suit) for her high school graduation picture!
(End quote)
No one is assuming or stereotyping; we are taking the post at face value. Before I went back to college for my certification, I spent fifteen years singing in an opera company. As a result, I have more acquaintances and former colleagues who are gay than the average person. Yes, that's a stereotype, but one of the few based on fact. Many of the chorus members and ballet were gay. None of them dressed any differently from the rest of us. They had nothing to prove. They were blessed with a gift in music; that's what was important. Most made no attempt to live in the "closet." Nor were they flagrant about their sexual choices. They were singers and dancers doing a job.
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That is as it should be. 3 of my immediate family are gay. My sister waves it like a banner and if you disagree with her on anything, it is because she's gay. My oldest brother and my mother, both now deceased, I had no idea until after their deaths. My mother hid it from me, but I guess I just never thought about it with my brother. He just was how he was. In retrospect, I see it, and it doesn't matter. He was my big brother and I loved him. He never hid it, he just didn't flaunt it.
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Just wondering: what actually constitutes flaunting one's homosexuality?It seems to me that everyday of my life I'm constantly exposed to heterosexuality. From the Hollywood movies, to the people (arguably usually men) who feel compelled to highlight their heterosexuality ect...
That being said, I think that many homosexuals feel a lot of pressure to feel ashamed of what they no doubt view as the very core of their being. They are constantly being told that they should hide their sexuality so as to not offend the hetero majority. I myself am not homosexual (as far as I know...). But I can certainly understand why those who are would want to ascert their sexuality if only as a reaction to the overwelming pressures they face to repress and/or hide their identity/sexuality.
Just being my usual contrary self...
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My s/o and I are heterosexual and devoted to each other. However, we do not appear on magazine covers, Tv shows or march in "Straight Pride" parades. We do not engage in flagrantly sexual behavior, in public. We do not object to homosexuality or any other type of sexual expression. However, we consider sex to be something private, between two consenting adults NOT a public show.
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Well spoken katl8e!
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The trouble with the argument is that in American society, the dominant class doesn't have to wave a banner to bring attention to themselves. There don't have to be "straight" parades, because being striaght is the mainstream of society. Any group that feels discriminated against usually bands together to show its unity. That goes for gays, Blacks during the Civil Rights movement, and even women in the 70s.
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Arguably, I flaunt my hetero-sexuality more by kissing my lover in public than many homosexuals are comfortable doing for reasons of personal safety.
One cannot argue that exhibitionism (parades, magazine covers, etc) is a homosexual trait. You may not "flaunt" your sexuality, but I'm sure you do flaunt something else at some time or another, whether it be your vocabulary, your politics, your feelings on animal rights. When it comes right down to it, everytime you open your mouth, you are going to offend SOMEONE somewhere.
Is it fair to say that a woman should not express any sexuality in public just because she likes women (I'm not saying anyone said this, but it is the logical end)? Are you willing to go to the same extreme to not offend her?? Perhaps she does not care to know you are heterosexual, perhaps this idea offends her?
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