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Please help!

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i have a 15 year old cat, and i think he is very sick. he hasnt eaten very much much in the last 3 days, and he is getting thinner and thinner. he changed so much too. he hisses at the other cat (the cat that he played with before) and doesnt sleep in his usual spot. he just seems so uninterested in everything. can someone tell me what going on?....please?
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When was the last time your cat went to the vet? There are a variety of illnesses that have the symptoms you have described. I suggest a visit to your vet, and request a "senior" blood panel.
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I suggest you find an emergency Vet now - he is a senior and it could be almost anything but one thing is for sure something is very very wrong here.
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Please take him to a vet immediately.

Good luck.
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These are all signs that your kitty doesn't feel well and needs to see the doctor NOW. Call your regular vet and/or get to the nearest emergency vet ASAP!!

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