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Are the kittens active before birth? Icis keeps stretching out on the floor, and her breathing is increased, but she is not panting. he tummy seems to ripple, and a kick every now and then.
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When my cat was gettin ready to have her babies her tummy would get hard and it would feel like bumps does it feel like that?Also her breathing got faster and then she started panting. I hope she has them soon so you can relax and enjoy the babies. My kittens are 3 weeks and 2 days today. Good luck To you and Icis
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feels like lil lumps in there. her tummy is really hard.
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Anything happening yet?
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not yet. i think she is holding out on me,lol. she is eating like a glutten for wet food tho, and only if i refridge it first, i think because of the hot weather. did try to take her temp yesterday, boy was she MAD,,lol. it was 100.2. i will try again when i get out of work and see where we are. this week would make 9 weeks since she had a heat, so im HOPING she pops before the weekend,lol. do there temps always drop before birth? anything else i should be looking out for?
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