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Cute Behavior Question

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Altogether I have 6 cats but this involves 2 of my females that are 3yr old sisters. I guess this started one day when one of them was making too much noise so I went "SHHHHHHH". Ever since then my Missy has responded to me when i say shhhhhhhh. Then her sister Gizmo has started doing it. Missy will respond even when she's sleeping or in the other room and she hears me. She is very vocal anyhow but she will come running up to me and hop in my lap, look me right in the eye, meow nonstop and rub up against me. Gizmo took after her I guess. I'll do this and she'll do the same thing. Is this a familiar trait of cats? It's a great way to get their attention and cute to watch. Missy is my baby because she wants to be with me all the time and sleeps with me of a night but Gizmo loves everyone and doesn't have a favorite.

Please let me know if anyone might know why a young cat might do this.

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Well, I know some people use that shhhh noise to sound like another cat hissing, which should have the opposite reaction. Perhaps your noise sounds different than what I am thinking of, or maybe you just found the right noise for your cat! Mine does the same reaction to her name or a clicking noise.

What may have happened was that you made the noise and she noticed you were looking at her, so she thinks that's your call for her, so she heard it again and you responded by giving her attention so she keeps thinking its your call for her? Maybe!

It sounds adorable, I love it when they come running for some love!
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Cats find humans extremely easy to train
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Prego comes when you whistle for him. You can call his name and be ignored, but he can't resist a whistle.
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