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Worming Meds

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The vet gave me two small syringes of yellow liquid medicine (Pryantel Pamoate Dewormer) to treat Astrid for her roundworms. I have tried and tried to get it into her by squirting in her mouth, but all she got was upset and I got bloody wounds.

She is just learning to trust me and after trying a couple of times to dose her, she is back to hiding from me (I was gentle but she doesn't like anything near her face or being held).

My question is - can I give it to her mixed with some smelly wet food? Will the food reduce the effectiveness of the treatment?
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Call the vet ... likely it can be mixed but I would ask about drontal it is a pill ...
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Yeah, I will call tomorrow since they aren't open today. I hope I can mix it with her wet food - I want her to get her meds but at the same time I don't want an angry, frightened cat who hides from me. I guess I am lucky that it isn't for someone more serious.
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Is it the gross banana flavored yellow goo? And is it in a syringe?

If so, IMO it's easier than using a pill just because they pretty much have to swallow it, and the syringe is easier to get in their mouth than a finger. Unless you have a pill gun. You're going to have to grab her and put something in her mouth either way unless the vet says you can mix it. I doubt she'll eat it though, Zissou didn't particularly enjoy the stuff and probably wouldn't have touched it if it was in food.
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That's the stuff. My formerly feral baby just gets CRAZY if you go near her face or try to hold her - I am sure she is still traumatized by being captured; a few of the shelter workers have wondered what went wrong to make react soooooo badly. She is also terrrified of towels and blankets so wrapping her like burrito won't help. Not that I can catch her anyway.

I guess I will just keep trying. I wanted to do it while I had off today; I have heard the end results (so to speak) can be "alarming" and I wanted to be able to thoroughly clean the litter and box.
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Most cats are wise to medicine being mixed in their foods. If you do give it to her in food, you will need to mix it well, ensure she eats all of the food, and use a large food to medicine ratio. If she doesn't eat her food, you will be back to square one! Just make sure you keep an eye out for this.
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