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Life is Good!

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I am so happy I just had to share this. We have been living in a tiny 1 br house behind the tattoo shop for the past 3 months. It has been really cramped with us, 4 cats and all the stuff we didn't want to store. We finally found a house today.:blubturq: It is just exactly what we were looking for. 3 br, 2 baths, fireplace and huge living room. The kitchen has a bay window, which I am sure will be the perfect kitty spot. Part of the roof is slanted, and where the closet and bath in the master br is, there is a small loft. It will be perfect for kitties, too. I am going to put the cat tree in there so they can get up there easily. It has a nice, shady patio, and since Fred never goes out of the fence, he will be allowed to go out again. There is even a heavy wood frame for a swing. I can't have it until the 1st of July and I can't wait! It is even around the corner from some of our best friends. Sorry to prattle on, but I am SO excited!
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that is wonderful news! congrats!

are you renting or will you own?

it sounds fabulous and I bet you can't wait to get in there and start decorating
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We are renting right now. As soon as I have 2 years on what I hope is an upcoming job, I will try to buy.
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I remember many sleepless nights when we purchased our home. It was so exciting!!! Enjoy!!!

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Sounds like you need a lot more room!

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your house sounds great: it seems to have a lot of character! Congrats
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Congratulations on finding a house!! I am happy for you!!!
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It's always exciting to get what you want.
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It sounds perfect! Congratulations!
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That is exciting. It is always nice to find a house which suits you and your cats. And the eventual buying is great, too. Congrats.

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Congratulations! Its always a great feeling to finally find a house that you like!
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