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115 dogs and 25 cats are found in home

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Largest Puppy Mill in Washington County (Bristol, VA):



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oh my word
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Dr. Basil Jones, a veterinarian, said he visited the house six months ago and didn't see a problem with the dogs.

"There's no fault to be had in what she's doing for the dogs," he said. "She's giving them what they need and when they need it, in defense of the poor woman."

Do what?? The vet thinks its "OK"?? Erm, ok.......whatever!! That is just plain ridiculous!!!
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Wow, everything about her screams BYB! from the "use the income to supplement social security checks" to the having no idea how to care for animals whatsoever.

How sad. The vet should also be held responsible since he saw what was going on and didn't try to help.
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Hm, this is a tough one I think... I would give the old lady a break.

117 of the dogs were allowed to be adopted out, and the judge allowed her to keep 2 of them....

maybe the police raided the house in the morning, she might just not have had a chance to clean up after them? Yes, I know there is no excuse for hoarding, but by the sound of things she managed to take care of them.

I think the judge made a sound choice by allowing her to kee 2 of her companions, I just hope that the old lady has learnt her lesson.
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She was using the money to supplement her income? Couldn’t she just learn to knit and open an ebay account instead of exploiting animals the way she did? I'm sorry thats just horrible! We have three cats and five kittens right now and im about stank out of our house as it is and we scoop and clean constantly! How could someone have that many and not pass out from the smell? And un-neutered male cats! Spraying? ahhh! Poor pups and kits.
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