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New foster kitten!!

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I'm so excited! I got my first foster kitten today. Her name is Liesel, which the shelter named her. But I want to re-name her during her stay. So, I call her Chloe. Chloe is a 8 week old Hemingway Polydactyl (extra toed) Tabby. I love her so much! I have been thinking of adopting a brown tabby kitten for a while now (I need a mouser on the farm) and my Himmy girls are used to the luxurious indoor living and don't want to get their paws dirty catching mice. Silly girls. But, we'll see. I don't think I could afford or have time to care for a kitten right now. So, she is just here till a new family comes to get her. This is Chloe:

Isn't she precious?!
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Question: Is the extra toe something that's being bred into some cats, or is it just one of those things that just happens to a cat every now and then?

And does it seem to make a difference to Chloe? Hinder or help anything?

That aside, she's a BEAUTIFUL cat, and whoever adopts her to a forever home will be very lucky. Kudos to you for being a foster meowmy.
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I think it's more of a genetics thing. I had Dixie (hence the name) and she was an albino polydactyl. We were told she was spayed (THEY LIED!) and her first litter she had 4....2 were albinos, one orange & white and one calico .. only one was poly and it was the calico female.. then she got pregnant again(thanks to a cat my boys let in the house ) and had 6... ALL SIX were polys! 4 were albinos and only 1 of the six was a female. Tiger was from her first litter. He's neither albino or poly... but he sure has his momma's attitude! Dixie has since been spayed and placed in a perm home and so have her babies
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No, it's not something bred into cats intentionally. Well, not that I know of, anyway. It happens sometimes, with gentics and stuff. Confusing stuff. But, nope, she's like any other cat. She walks, plays, balances, etc just a like a normal toed cat.
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Oh she's darling, I wouldn't be able to give her up, I couldn't see my self fostering at all, just look at my siggy 6 of these are rescues Say's it all...I Love her feet that's so cute Good luck with her
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she's gorgeous! thanks so much for fostering!
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She is super sweet! Thats great that you can foster her, and maybe keep her!? I love her feet/toes.
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Thanks everyone! She sure is a little joy. My cats are very curious to find out what is behind my bedroom door! (Chloe is in there till I can introduce them.) I keep asking myself, "Is she staying for good? Can I find the time and money to keep her full term? Will she be a good mouser?" I'm still not sure if I should keep her or not. If I do keep her, I'll have to take the animals off their full raw diet and put them on 50/50 raw and commerical food, because I couldn't afford to keep them all on full raw diets. Nor could I find the time. -sigh- We'll just have to wait and see!
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Isn't she a little poppet!!
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What a cutie! She looks so much like a kitten at the rescue, named Claude
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Thank you everyone!
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She is just adorable! The rescue I foster for only allows indoor adoptions. Would yours let you keep Chloe if you let her outside, too?!?
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What a cutie pie!!!! My goodness. My DH has always been fascinated also by polydactyl kitties (actually we find ourselves fascinated by a great deal of things to be honest). Well, curiousity killed the cat....pardon the pun.

But Chloe is a doll.
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You make a good point there, beckiboo. I'm have to check that out! Duh. If I want to adopt her, then I'll for sure want to know about that. -sigh- Well, if they don't allow indoor/outdoor adoptions, then she'll have to be an indoor kitty with leash/harness privileges. Like my other cats. I guess I could always get fourth cat. Psh, yeah right!
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