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Looking for a new cat food - cat with liver problem

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I'm not sure if this is the correct forum, so please be patient with me =)

I have six cats, one of which has a liver problem. Cerebus had her 1st bout when she was about 3. She stopped eating and slept all of the time. We took her to an (okay) vet and he kept her for a couple of days, re-hydrated her, and put her on anti-biotics. Told us she had some sort of liver problem (could tell from the blood work) and she either would get better or wouldn't. He told us there wasn't anything any one could do, so we shouldn't invest the money into a specialist. We didn't and she got better. 3 years later we went through this again. I went into denial (bad kitty mommy) and didn't take her to the vet until she was nothing but skin and bones (we tried to get her to eat, begged her but she wouldn't). We had moved and I had heard of a really good vet who was feline only. so we called her up on a weekend and asked to have Cerebus put to sleep =( Well, the vet saved her (that is how we learned the other vet was just okay not great and wonderful like our current one). However the vet put her on Science Diet L/D (liver diet). I am on a research dog and cat food kick and found out that this food (Science Diet) isn't as wonderful as I thought and what the vet thinks. So I am looking for a new cat food liver diet (I just found a new dog food, working on Cerebus and then the other cats =) ). Cerebus has a fibrus liver (tough and stringy and doesn't work as well as a totaly healthy one does) and we do blood work every 6 months now.

Does any one know of any cat food makers that use human grade food ingredients?

Thank you for your patience and sorry it was so long but...

Heather V. Havel
Michigan - USA
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From what I understand Eukanuba is a higher grade than Science Diet. I was surprised that S/D wasn't what I thought it was either.

I don't know if they have a liver diet formula. But check it out.
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The only other good one I know of is an RX food made by Walthams. They call it IVD and the supplier we go through at the vet is BURNS.
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Actually, I've found that Eukanuba isn't all that great either. I've just taken my dog off it and we are trying to decied on a different food (between Innova and California Natural). I would really like to find a cat food with human grade ingredients... This is especially difficult with the kind of diet I need for Cerebus. I haven't looked into the BARF diet yet to see if I can tweek it for what she needs.

Thank you for the lead on the BURNS food - I will research it and let everyone know..

Thank you for your help!

Heather V. Havel
Michigan - USA
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Oh Heather, don't tell me that! (about Eukanuba). I already stress over what I feed my cats. I guess it's better than Meow Mix from the supermarket.
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I have recently started feeding only human grade cat foods, I now feed Wellness. If you have ever read what goes into other foods, you would be sick. I home cook for my dog, & the book I use Home-Prepared Dog & Cat Diets, The Heathful Alternative, by Donald R. Strombeck, It gives home prepared recipes for cats with liver problems. Check it out.
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I should have been more helpful last night, their are 3 recipes, if you are interested, email me & I can email them to you
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My vet recommened Purina ONE (not the other Purina products) for my 4-yr old cat. She said it's a premium cat food, but far less expensive than the super premiums like Eukanuba or Science Diet or IAMS. It uses chicken as the meat source, unlike the others which use chicken by-products and/or chicken meal.

My cat loves it. The rash he used to get when he was on his previous food (Nutrience) is gone. He eats about 1/2 cup of it per day, and his amount of stool has decreased (indicating that more of the food is being digested than before).
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Unfortuatley vets have oppionions too. I have given up on the perfect cat food. There are even people saying cats will live longer if fed raw food all the time. I have seen cats eating friskys cat food and live to 20. If we were this cautious with ourselves, we wouldnt be eating very much! I say if your cat is healthy, no allergies and likes the food, stick with it.
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