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Everyone's Plans

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SO what are everyone's plans for tonight?

We bought a small bag of fireworks for Deacon (mom and dad got him more of course lol) and we're going to go over to my parent's house, have dinner and set them off.... Everyone has to work tomorrow so it'll be an early night... Not me I have the WHOLE day off tomorrow!
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I'm not celebrating it but have fun all you peeps in USA
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Heh...we are grilling (yum), and then this evening, (this happens every year) our neighborhood lights up! We flip down the tailgate on the truck, sit down and watch
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix
Heh...we are grilling (yum), and then this evening, (this happens every year) our neighborhood lights up! We flip down the tailgate on the truck, sit down and watch

We were thinking of going down to Ft Desoto Beach and dropping the tail gate on the truck and let Deacon see the fireworks but it's SO much more fun when you see them up close... at least to a 4 1/2 yr old it is
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I'm working, but I get off right before all the fireworks start. The nicest thing about my apartment is that it looks out over four towns. So all we have to do is open our window, and watch the fireworks from there. No bug spray, no rain, only people that I want there. It's a good time. Anyone want to come?
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We are prolly going to take 6 year old down the MT to a park to have some fun, 2 yr old is scared of thunder so fireworks are sure to scare him to pieces.

Maybe try to catch a fireworks show, all weather dependant, under a severe weather advisory.
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Where does everyone live?
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Northern Virginia in the Mountains, 2 hours from D.C.
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B and I are heading up to a friends house for BBQ ribs :yum: cocktails &dessert and remote control planes and cars. Of course fireworks as well.
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Puget Sound area of WA state..nice and cool today
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Not doing anything, Hubby works nights But when we lived in San Diego we were right across from Sea World we saw fireworks every night through the summer,,, don't think I'll miss it...It's just that we have neighbors that blow them up half the night I think it should be limited to places other then a neighborhood or houseing track
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We are going to my sisters for a cook out, which will include: hamburgers,hot dogs, beans,potato salad,pasta salad,some sort of fruit, and chips. Then we will shoot off everyones fireworks!!

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Since I was born on the 4th of July (and yes, I am a Yankee Doodle Dandy!) I spent it with a huge family bbq (what else for the epitome of a summer get together).
Fireworks are kinda illegal in Los Angeles... for instance, there are certain areas where you can legally purchase the fireworks, there are other areas you can release them, and there are areas where it is completely illegal. But, we still purchased a few ground sparklers and let them go.
Other than that cake and presents! Yaaaay!
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Sounds like fun, we had ribs and corn, took the 6 year old down to a local park with playground equipment....while the MIL watched the 2 year old.

Came back due to rain, (that's when we had ribs and corn on the cob). Saw some fireworks from the porch (we are up on a high mt so we could see them from down in some city somewhere through the trees).

Put the kids to bed and watched some television, so nothing to special.
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I saw the most lovely fireworks displays earlier. Where we live, we are right between several fireworks shows. I stepped outside to enjoy the fireworks of Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, some over on the sound side and various shows up and down the beach. Really, it was suprisingly pretty and enjoyable! Hope everyone had a great 4rth!
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