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PC Screensavers & Wallpapers ? ?

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So we´ve done mouse-mats, whats your wallpaper or screen saver
We currently got a lightening storm with white and bright pink fork lightening
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The new Penny Arcade back ground with Gabe running into the water, and Tyco standing on the shore with a motorcycle helmet on to block out the sun.
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I have a screensaver of pictures of Harley & Davidson

My Desktop is the photo of them both yawning at the same time
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I've got a picture from a calender a friend is making me with hubby and the kids for June...ohhh I need to change it.
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desktop is Kandie in her younger years by the xmas tree

saver is of the ocean
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Desktop is Lukas in my garden with a small pic of Tai Shan-panda cub at National Zoo in corner-
Screensaver is pics of my favorite places to be & cats-
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Desktop is of the Phantom (2004 movie with Gerard Butler ) sitting at the organ and it looks like he is singing. Screen saver is the rolling marquee which I change to various odd songs. First was "Marezy doats", now it's "Feelings, wo-wo-wo Feelings..."
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My desktop is of my kids and Amy(the dog) and my screensaver is the pictures that I have saved to my 'puter, and they keep changing...does that make sense?? LOL
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My wallpaper is a very sleepy Jazzy in the sun and the screen saver is Alice Cooper

Might look into doing our screen saver with the mogs , never thought of that. Thanks Mac
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I've got Rosie and Sophie on mine at home and at work
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My Big Mac is waves of colour and my lappy is waves of Blue - both screen savers are progressive waves of colours!
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My wallpaper is LuckyGirl posing on the back of my couch. She's also the wallpaper on my cell phone. And I don't even remember what my screensaver is cause I never get to see it... too bust on the cat site, err working!?, too busy working...
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I like beach scenes for my wallpaper. They help me to mentally escape from work
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my wallpaper is a picture of me and my husband on vacation in Chattanooga, Tn.....(it was our trip we took last month)

******but the wallpaper on my cell phone is a pic of our first kiss at our wedding.....
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