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Backyard Pictures

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I've had some people ask me how my renovations on my century old home are going. I have one word - SLOW! So I'll eventually start a thread on my renovations in the near future....for now, this is the only picture I'll show.

Instead, look at my backyard and pretty flowers (much better than plaster dust and wall studs anyway).
When we moved in the lawn was in need of repair, the garage needed to be replaced and a tree needed to be cut down. We still have to plant some perrenials/annuals but everything will get done in time.
We have a long backyard...I call it the bowling alley. Most properties are the average 50x120...we have 40 x 245.

Here is the new shed we built in the backyard. We still have to add trim and paint it.

The picture of the tree above is the one that needed to be cut down. Instead, a storm came and knocked it down for us. We made this bench from another tree that was knocked down in the same storm.

We planted these trees this past spring to cover up the chain link fence. You can also see the allium plant in the background. I've never seen this plant before and it grows to over 4 feet in height. I call it my prehistoric plant.

Next post....the flowers....
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Various flowers in my backyard -
Spring Flowers

The allium plant I mentioned above -

A dandilion starting to bloom

From bloom to seed

Bud to bloom

Some mushrooms...

Finally a stawberry leaf, high contrast, after the rain.
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Wow!!, those are beautiful pictures Kass!
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Kass, those are beautiful photos! You are so talented!
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Fantastic pictures, Kass! Your gardel looks like a lovely retreat after a hard day working on the house!
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Those are beautiful pictures!!!
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Your pics are really great and you have a very wonderful backyard. I bet it was a lot of hard work!
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Oh my gosh it's all beautiful! I can't wait to see pics of the house when it's done too!
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You take fantastic pics! I must buy the kind of camera you have. Your yard is beautiful!! Cant wait to see more pics......
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As ususal, fantastic photos!
Your backgarden sems like a haven. How convenient of the storm to knock that tree down for you! It's great that you made a bench out of it.
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That is so beautiful.
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Love your backyard, you are a great photographer.
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Those are gorgeous!!
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Stunning pics!
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Thanks everyone!
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I´m Speechless!
you have a such lovely place to live!
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Very beautiful pics! It's like a dream land!
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Incredible photographs, Kass.
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I love how you make the ordinary extraordinary! Just beautiful!
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What a wonderful garden you have. I love your photos are you a professional photographer or just very good at taking photos. I would always do more work in the garden than the house. I can imagine sitting out under the trees, Bliss. Thanks for sharing.
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