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Silly baby!

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My current fosters are some skittish babies. Wit is a black and white cow kitty, about 10 weeks old. Dylan and Eugene are 8 week old twin brothers, brown tabbies. They were caught about 10 days ago outside.

This morning I was laying on the floor, with a plate of canned kitten food nearby, hoping they would approach and eat. They were playing it cool, sitting nearby just staring. The twins were laying on the trim wood along the edge of the wall. It is about four inches wide, and about four inches off the floor. One baby fell asleep, and I saw him beginning to lean until ~PLOP~ he fell onto his side on the floor. His eyes opened briefly, then he went back to sleep!

Kittens are just SO SILLY!

The twins did eventually come eat the canned food. Little Wit is a little more cautious. I picked up the dry food, so he will be hungry later today.
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Aw, they sound so Precious!!
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How funny!! Cats are so crazy and fun!! They sound precious!!
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