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If you haven't seen it already...

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Go check out Google's home page banner.
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Aww how cute!
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here it is so you dont have to go look it up

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How sweet! Did anyone see their Christmas banner? That was the best.
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I love Googles banners, they are always so cute!
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How cute!!
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Where is that located? I have Google as my start page and I didn't see that.
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Oh how cute!!
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That's adorable!!
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It's adorable, and I am surprised. They don't acknowedge Memorial Day or Veteran's Day, so I've come to not be sure what they will acknowledge.
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you got to check out yahoo's sign. it is totally neat also.
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that is cute!
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We just saw it a few minutes ago. TOO CUTE! I saved it to my computer.
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I think it's awesome! I love when Google changes their banner for the holidays (I have google set as my home page since I also use Gmail.)
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