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Splitting cats up?

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Is it really unfair to split cats up? My 2 british shorthairs are brother and sister and are 4 years old now. My Mum's cat died recently and we have suggested she takes our female cat, we have a new baby and I can't give the cats as much attention as I used to and the female cat needs a lot of attention! My parents adore her so she'll get a lot of loving. Also we're moving house so might be a perfect time.

Is it likely they'll miss eachother too much? I'm really in 2 minds, should we try it out for a week or so or just scrap the idea altogether. My partner's not keen on cat's so I'm on here to get some thoughts from some real cat lovers!

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I sure would like them to stay together- they have pair bonded after 4 years of never having been apart. I have a pair of siblings and I will never separate them.
Maybe she could take them both??
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I wouldn't do it either - a bonded pair should be left together if at all possible. They really will miss each other.
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It really goes beyond missing each other.
Having been together for so long, they will grieve for each other, and one or both may go into depression over it.
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Its not a good idea at all to split them up. After 4 years they would really be grieving and may even become ill. I say its best they stay together
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Thanks everyone,

you're all right of course, I'm not going to split them. Just got to convince my other half now....!

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I totally agree. I work in rescue, and we have cat pairs that we do not allow to be split up. Sometimes within the foster homes, two cats will become close friends, and then we require them to be adopted together. I see your options as either keep both cats, or give them both to your Mom.

But I must say, since you have a baby, to remember that the baby will grow up quickly and be a child. As a child, he will want pets. If you already have two nice cats, you are ahead of the game!
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How old are the cats now? If only a few years old, then I say give it a try and split them up. Britsh are easy going cats and I don't see any big problem with separating them.

IMO separating for a week or 2 will let you know if they are ok with it.
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I agree that splitting them up is not the way to go. Maybe your parents would take them both, if that works and they seem happy maybe that is the way to go.
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I wouldn't split them up either. After 4 years together they'd probably really miss each other. You say you don't have as much time for them now but you might find 1 cat more demanding than 2 as you'll be his only playmate.
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