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Mousemat..Whats on Yours ?

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Just bought a new mousemat the old was...well...getting a bit mucky

We got Wallace & Gromit with the bunnies from 'Were-Rabbit' movie. Very cute, but a bit slippery, the mouse shoots off everywhere Needs wearing in i think

Anyone made theirown with piccies of fur babies ?
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Mines just a plain red one at work and a blue one at home.

I never thought of making one with the girls on it?!
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I dont have a mouse mat because i have a drawing mouse
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I use two for my 'Big Mac', a gel wrist support one and an RHS flower one! I have a tablet for my lappy and can put a picture inside, but am yet to do that!
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I dont have a mouse mat because i have a drawing mouse
I dont know what one of those is
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here is a pic
hope it works
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It's called an Icemat.

It's used mostly for online gaming.
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Mine is black with a red & ecru center with the Chinese character for love in the center of that.
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No mat, I use an optical trackball and boy are my elbows thankful.
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The old one was plain red and only cost a dollar (WalMart clearance aisle) and needs replacing but I've been cheap and not wanting to pay $2.50 for the bubble or sunflower ones now in the clearance aisle. Right now I'm using a manila envelope and it works pretty good!
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Mine is really cute (if I do say so myself!)

It's by "Twisted Whiskers" and it shows an orange-and-white tabby (my girl's colors!) wearing a smirk and saying, "Did someone say "MOUSE?"

I've used it so much it's starting to fade, but I can't find another one I like this much!!!!
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Mine is a green rainforest picture with a waterfall
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I have no mousepad at work, my keyboard holder thingy has a good consistency for a mouse. Boring I know
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Mine is a picture of Tauranga. It was a present from a friend in NZ.
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Mine is of Taz.. the tazmanian devil riding a mountain bike.. and if you move it, he moves.
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Mines just purple.....came with the desk(from my MIL) I never really think about buying a new one, now I guess I am gonna be on the search for a new one.
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Mine has a David McEnery Cat picture on it. But it is sideways because it doesn't fit on the key board tray.
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Mine is plain blue. I also have one with an aerial photo of my workplace, but my wife is using it.
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I wish I could have a mousepad! I have one of those trackball things on my laptop. The little thing that looks like a pencil eraser and you move it with your finger, in the keyboard.
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Thanks for the photo fwan, it looks rather cool

Yeah my mouse mat is sideways as well The sliding desk it sits on is not wide enough for keybourd and mat
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Mine is one I got on here awhile ago. It has all my cats pictures on it. I will never replace it. It has sentimental value.
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Mine is just black and gray that says Gateway on it ..... not sure why? I don't even have a Gateway! I think I got it for free somewhere?
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Mine's a black and white picture of two kittens sleeping together.
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No mousepad here...I have a track pad...I use a laptop.
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