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anyone awake besides me?

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Wide awake, keeping the cats up too, so they won't jump on my bed at 5:30 am, their usual get me up time. I expect to be sleeping them, I hope.
My computer screen is full of smashed bugs.
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Ack half my day is nearly over because it's 10.15.a.m here in the UK
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i should be sleeping.but i am not.
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I have been up all night. I have terrible insomnia, and will sometimes go for several days without sleeping, then get really goofy or cranky from sleep deprivation. I have even had people accuse me of being on drugs because of it. I'm glad we didn't have any plans for today!
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I went to bed at 1:30.. but didnt fall asleep til at least 2:30, because I had Cappuccino in bed with me.. and then the other babies woke me up at 5, screaming for their breakfast.. so I unset my alarm and just stayed up, played with them after I fed them, then put Macciato and latte in seperate places, and left Cappuccino on my bed, and came down here and came online :P

I'm probably going to go back to bed soon, because I am tiireed. Even though it's almost 9am.
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Am I the only one who had a fitful 8 hours of sleep last night?
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No because i did as well. I need to otherwise i feel physically sick along with shooting pains in my head through lack of sleep
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