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Daily thread 04/07/06

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Hi guys

it's late but it's still the next day. It is way too hot in my house (no AC) and I can't sleep, so I thought I'd start the daily thread.

Today I have to do dishes and laundry and then continue to paint my bedroom.

I am going to drop my son off at daycare, then I have to phone to make an appointment to get a new set of ear plugs made for Telaryn and drop off some resumes and applications and fill out my student loan and take it in to school to get it signed and meet my friend for lunch. It will be extremely busy!
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Must be nice and early for you over there!! You do have a busy day too!

I'm just having my morning cuppa and checking my emails and things - I'll plan my day later! I do know that it includes litter tray cleaning and washing the kitchen floor!

Hopefully it will be another glorious heat wave day here in the Land Of Manc!

Have a great day, everyone!
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It's 2:30 am and i can't sleep today I have major house cleaning to do! What fun!
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Morning all! Busy busy busy and miss you all, don't know when I'll next be on here but have a great day all!!
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Originally Posted by Pombina
Morning all! Busy busy busy and miss you all, don't know when I'll next be on here but have a great day all!!
Hopefully you can shift the 'busy' and get back to us soon, Lauren! We miss you too!

Sending get everything done quickly }}}VIBES{{{
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Good morning to you all!
My day started rather early since I had a doctor's appointment (some weird stomach trouble that just won't go away ) and by the time i was out there again, i just headed for my bus home.
It's a smothering heat over here, I'm not surprised the soccer matches take place only at 9pm, before it's way too hot, I can't believe how hot it gets! This morning, a little after 8 am, we already had a whopping 24°C on the balcony and our hothouse was somewhere beyond 40:-|
But fortunately the tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers *love* those temperatures - they're growing several inches a day...or so it seems to me and now I find myself typing at the pc with Carter purring and pawing my legs*ouch*
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Got up early this morning, grabbed my paint brush and only just stopped for a smoothie and quick look at TCS

Upstairs landing woodwork is all done now only the 4 doors left. Its very warm here today the is out, so the paint is drying real quick

Well guess i had better start the walls, getting plenty of stretching exercise today
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Morning girls! The suns starting to peep out after a chilly start this morning.

It's supposed to be the hottest day as well. I love the heat but not when i'm stuck in the office
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I am off this week, but i spoke to mum last night and she said it was over 100 in their office yesterday
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Off to work again. I'm running late. Oh well! Fireworks tonight. yea!!
Is it really the 7th? I thought it was the fourth.
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Oh wait, nevermind. Mornings take me a bit to catch on.
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Good morning everyone!

Happy 4th of July to my southern neighbours

Today is very dull and dreary, we have some thunderstorms rolling through....but the sun is supposed to come out this afternoon.

I'm going to spend my day doing some cleaning and reading. I also have a few wedding items I need to take care of...less than 2 months to go!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday
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Originally Posted by lilleah
Oh wait, nevermind. Mornings take me a bit to catch on.
It's still early for you
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evening everyone

well I have had a good day, busy, but good. Its tax time at the moment and I have complied 2 businesses worth of tax information in 3 days to send to the accountant - 3 DAYS!!! YAY!!!
Work is so busy at the moment (when is it not?) and Jasmine is going through a very clingy stage... lucky for her I love her so much!!

have a great day everyone - I am having a glass of wine and then off to bed soon (9.25pm Tuesday night here)
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I have to work today . But the good news is that it's the only major holidy I have to work for the rest of the year. I'm just hoping that 6pm comes soon.
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Slept fairly well last night in other bedroom- DH and I are too warm and we both seem to be flooping around in bed so I moe into other bedroom to be more comfortable. Leaving shortly to SIL's for annual 4th of July cookout at the pond. Made one of those pails of frozen margarita's which I will be enjoying along with laying in the water relaxing and doing nothing at all.
Bad news is this is not the day for Aunt Flo to visit but I'll deal with it!!

Have a super 4th of July!!!!!
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HAPPY 4th all!!! It is a rainy/cloudy day here...I sure hope it clears up before tonite. I dont wanna have to cancel our plans because of the rain!! Anyways-no big plans today, just going to my sisters tonite for a cook out and then FIREWORKS!! YAY!!!
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Morning all!

I'm not sure what we're going to do today. Earl's still sleeping, but for some reason I got up at 8:30 and was wide awake when I could have slept in! I guess considering that Friday, Saturday and Sunday the day started at 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning 8:30 is sleeping in.

I'm hoping to get some packing of the house done today. We're going to be moving sometime in the next month or so. We close on our first place (a townhome) July 18 but our lease isn't up until August 27 (and they won't let us out of it early). But we still have to pack up the place, and it's the busiest time of year for me! I don't know when I'll be able to get it all done!
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Happy 4th July to all you guys across the pond

Here's hoping you dont need one of these for the hangovers tomorrow
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Good morning all! I have to work today and am jealous of everyone that gets the day off! Oh well, at least the ones with "kids" get this day off. I hate that. I think it's non child discrimination. If you don't have kids in my restaurant, you don't get holidays off. Why is that? Stupid manager anyway.
Oh well, at least it's beautiful and they can shoot off the darn fireworks tonight and get this holiday over with. Last night my neighbors were shooting bottle rockets off until 3 am! I wanted to strangle them! I had this one moment of nasty where I thought about playing my classical music at 6 am REALLY loud and opening the doors to show them what it is like to NOT be able to sleep, very well, but I was good and didn't.
Brad says he's going to stay home with the kitties tonight. What a great guy! I know that Luna will be more relaxed with him home. I've found that during some thunderstorms now, if we are home, she will find us and cuddle with us while it is going on. I hope that's the case tonight. I know she absolutely hates fireworks. Poor thing. I wish I could give her kitty earplugs.

Have a great fourth of July everyone! (and stay safe!)
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Good Afternoon everyone

I am just warming up some soup for lunch, and just went to the post office to redirect my mail...$37!!! What a RIP!

I get to go out for dinner tonight..our office met our monthly goal so our boss takes us out for dinner. I am getting steak, OMG I am so excited

Hmm, other than that...not much going on around here.. Trout is adjusting well to the new place so thats good. I still have a few boxes to unpack but nowhere to put the stuff in them as my kitchen has NO space for anything...Argh!

Anyway, have a great 4th of July all you USA'ers
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This daily thread confused me when I first saw it cause it is in day month year instead of month day year......

So I was thinking why is April 7th's daily thread showing up.....

So thanks for confusing a still sleepy me.

Just waking up and thinking about having MIL watch the 2 year old so we can have some one on one time with the 6 year old.

Going off the mountain and go to a park to play for a son just came in the bedroom toodles.

Happy 4th!!!
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Happy 4th to all the USA'ers out there!!

Just got up about an hour ago - didn't get to bed til about 4AM - yikes! We were out at a friends house for a bon fire and didn't leave there til 2:30 - and then of course we brought people back to our place and they didn't leave til about 4 - I'm a little sleepy today!

We are going to go over to a town nearby tonight to watch some fireworks - not sure what the afternoon holds though - only time will tell.

John just left to fill up the motorcycle, so we're going to head out on that soon and meet up with some friends.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, and a spectacular 4th to everyone else!
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