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expecting kitties??

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Back in November of last year, I adopted a petite cat from a local animal shelter as being fixed and declawed. I have all indoor cats and the other night, she got out while in the first heat I've ever seen with her.
She is a loveable cat , but since her getting out and returning, she has been very "protective" of herself. She used to enjoy having her belly rubbed and her back and now "nips" at the person who tries to show her affection .
Is this because she could be pregnant??? What else do I look for? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I would be so mad if the shelter told me she was fixed and she wasn't! How irresponsible of them! If you contact them (and complain), they may make arrangements to have her fixed for free for you.
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I read your post too quickly Kaytee. If the shelter told you the cat has been spayed, then she more than likely has. They can't risk keeping a cat that is going in and out of heat cycles in their facility, and most shelters are pretty careful about spaying and neutering their animals. But if you suspect she is pregnant, in about 23 days your vet will be able to tell you yes or no. She might of just been sprayed by an over amorous male, and being that she has no claws to defend herself, she might of even been mounted even though it did no good. It's hard to say, but I have seen feral Toms mount spayed females just out of frustration.
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