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strangest thing with pix.........

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Ok think I have posted this before but about 2 weeks ago Angel developed a "spay sway" out of the blue. she is still a tiny cat and not fixed yet since she still hasn't had a heat (almost 10 1/2 weeks) or kittens.......... so still not sure what is up.

And she never really got any bigger after the first few weeks.

But anyways here are some pix (the "spay sway is hard to see in pix with her fur tried to get one as she was walking to really show it but couldn't. LOL)

here is one of her from a side view from the end of May (so you can see she didn't have that saggy belly before)

and these are from tonight (1 from each side) if you look at the white fur underneat that is all saggy skin that suddenly appeared........... (and one view from the top just to show she is a THIN cat so not just that she is fat and that is why she has it)

(ok the fur looks almost the same color. but almost that whole "width" underneath is all saggy now.........

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She reminds me of my cat when she had 3 weeks of her pregnancy left. I don't know what to tell you
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was your cat as thin as the pix from the top? also her nipples still aren't that big. they are bigger than they were when I first started checking but still not LARGE at all. can be seen and felt but not unless you move the fur (if that makes sense).
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What do her nipples look like. That is what I'd like to see. If I had my digital cameral I would show you MaxSheba. She looks alot like her except my MaxSheba is a little bit fat and I know exactly what you mean because Sheba had a very athletic build and now she has the same poof. Get a good pic of her laying on her side, and a good pic of her nipples, that is if she is till enough for those pics, but that is how I really can tell. Is she "pinking"?
And she is looking at the camera like my baby too like what do you want now! lol
She's just georgous anyhow.
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thanks we think she is pretty cute too.

I have tried to take a pix of her nipples before and the flash drowns them out. But they are still hard to see unless you move her fur (she should be due any day if she is preg.) and sometimes they are pink others they don't look as pink. for the past 3 weeks or so I think the top 4 don't look pink at all and back to white but the bottom 4 still look pink at times others they look white. it is a VERY strange situation. I posted about it on your topic.
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I just read it. I always have said I wish I had something to compare it too because ever since I noticed the change in her nipples I can NOT remember what they look like normal. Picture looking up photo of non-pregnant cat nipples up on Google She is pink everywhere and I guess it would work better on my cat because she is grey, but I got no camera right now. Waiting is truly half the battle. lol Maybe if she is she is having a small liter, or maybe she was going through a false pregnancy. I forget why that happens but look it up, maybe that is worth looking into as well. Hey, at least you only have to play the waiting game for a portion longer, but it is strange that her heat cycle just stopped if she isn't. Did she normally have loud, whiny heat cycles? Or has she always been quiet in heat as I hear some cats are?
I found this picture. The cats fur and everything reminded me of yours. This cat is pregnant so maybe you can compare.
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I have looked up false pregs and "normally" they will get very ROUND like a normal preg. cat would....... And MOST times it ends in 7 weeks (it has been longer than that) and then they go back into heat again.......

She is a VERY VERY loud cat when in heat, howls and yowls non stop all day long, sprays my walls and doors (it is BAD!) and my neutered male goes NUTS and tries to mate with her and NONE of that. and her she always has her butt up in the air with her front part down and doing the in place walk type of thing. LOL and none of that either...........

it is a really STRANGE situation. LOL
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Oooh yeah she sounds like my baby, well check the photo link in the above message. I edited it in. It is a photo of a cat who has the same type of cat, as far as hair lenght and color as yours. The cat is pregnant and that is how she looked while she was starting to pink. Maybe you can compare.
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that kitty is darker but my kitties nipples aren't even that big. but sometimes look that pink. LOL tomorrow I will try to get a pix of her nipples that comes out.
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This cat is due today, this pic was taken on the 26th of June, so at approximately 54 days gestation.

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wow, that last pic is how Icis looks now, due any day!! has angel gone back to the vet ?
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see that cat is HUGE and her nipples really show! Angel isn't even close to that.

Liza---- NO I figured I would wait till 70 days from the day she came home so I KNOW 100% she is not pg. (right now I am 99.9% sure) so we can see what is up with the lines/lumps. they are basically in between each set of nipples. it is very very strange!
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