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Pulling Out My Hair! Help

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Well. I just need to sound off here for a bit. Is that alright with everyone. Now to me my MaxSheba is like my own child. I love her and have loved her since I laid eyes on her. She was born this month in July around the 12th. I have kept her papers since I got her. Hence, I love my baby. I started posting on this board a few weeks back, in fact it has two weeks today if I'm not mistaken. Anyhow, I came to this board because I thought my cat was pregnant, and now I'm almost 100% sure that she is. She is getting fat, fat, fat in her belly! She is sleeping a lot, and for a cat, well that is just A LOT!

One of the hardest things about this is the not knowing part. I have a pretty good suspicsion that she is pregnant, but I can't say for certainty that she is. It is like a woman missing her cycle but never taking a pregnancy test to see if she is. It is driving me batty because I want to know if she is having kittens or not. Now I know most of you are like just take her to the vet, DUH but I can't right now because she is just now out what would be about five weeks if she is which means the doc could only palpate and feel around and guess or x-ray, but for even those things I'd have to wait another week to do those with some type of certainty. The wait is driving me bananas! I just want to know if my baby is or isn't so we can spoil her more than she is. She is an only kitty and she is spoiled rotten.

The other thing is she is so darn moody!! Geesh! One min. she is rubbing my leg and lovey dovey. The next she is looking at me like GET AWAY! lol She is a trip. You pick her up and she gives her head but is like okay I don't want to be bothered. Pluse since her excursion outside she has gotten a taste for the outdoor! It seems like now more than ever she wants out BAD! I don't know what to do. I know some of you do the lock them up and all that I just can't though, but I am wondering why in the world she is trying to get out so darn bad. Of course, it is not in heat because she hasn't been in heat for the last five weeks since her little "outting" But now when she darts out we have to take the whole family out and chase and she is NOT playing. When she has puckered all of us out she slows down and comes to someone, but we just look that the Green Bay Packers out there trying to chase this little bitty, well fat bellied now, cat!

She is literally the equivolent of a teenager right now and she is quite a handful. We love her though. NO doubt about it, but no one ever mentioned the moodiness and the rebellion in the pregnancy articles! OIY!
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I hear ya on the WANTING/NEEDING to know! I suggest taking her to the vet and doing the palpation. think it is around 30 days? that they can tell that way. and it is just the cost of an office visit. I have heard many different prices for an x-ray but at my vets it was $110!!!!!!!!!! I just couldn't spend that much since if she was I needed that for other things that would come up and if not I needed that for part of her spay cost........ so I just did the vets visit and had them feel. LOL

mine is a long complicated story. But my bet is if she is getting really big and it is around 5 weeks and you noticed the nipples then she definately is.
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I'm feeling that too. It is like a complicated story. So you have a soon-to-be kitty mama as well? Boy these kids! lol I was just reading on how they have blood testing that can be done in the office now for pregnancy at a Vets office around here so I will look into but like you I think I'll just do the office visit in a few weeks and most of them just tell you to wait and at around 6-7 weeks you will now, but that is so hard when you really love your kitty and you want to know what is going on with her your all when, when, when, can you tell yet, can you see something lol rotf

I guess I have just expended so much of myself into my cat because I truly am a cat lover. Tiger, panther, lynx, you name it if they are in the cat family I love them all. And I just remember when my first cat that I got in college was all I had and when I got pregnant my mother made me get him adopted worrying about those "wives tales" and what not and lost one of the best friends I've ever had. So now when I have an animal its not just a pet and I'm like, I dare you to treat my cat like a pet you may get knocked out, lol but I just want to help her anyway I can.

The reality though is that she is fine and I'm the one on the internet researching her pregnancy and tripping over whether or not she will be okay, tryting to find out if she needs vitamins, and trying to time when to take her to the vet for the best results, and watching every pound she gains lol and all the while she is like Mommy, please just calm down and I'm over here
So thank you all for just bearing with the over bearing meowmmy, I just love my baby girl is all, don't think I'm crazy or anything
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ummmmmmmm not sure if I have a kitty waiting to have babies or not, STILL! LOL if so she would be due any day! at the most a week and that would put her at 70 days. LOL

here is my story (shortened as much as I can. LOL)

My cat got let out by my 3 yr old (she is an indoor only cat) on April 25th we couldn't find her and she was in heat (went into heat about 3 days before that) she finally came home on May 1st so was gone 6 days. figured for SURE she had to have gotten preg. since she was in heat......... so started watching for signs and found this site. about 2 weeks or so after she came home I noticed her nipples get a bit bigger and were pink. she never really got much bigger. took her to the vets and they felt and couldn't feel anything "for sure" but didn't feel any kittens but could have been too early or only 1 or 2 kittens. so waited. she got a bit bigger but not really big. so 2 weeks later went back to the vets........ same thing. thought she felt fecal matter but may have been a kitten couldn't tell for sure........ but she gained a full pound (well a hair under) in those 2 weeks.

well she STILL hasn't gone back into heat. her last heat started 10 weeks ago the weekend that just past (so about 10 weeks 2-3 days ago), but she hasn't really gotten much bigger. since that first nipple change they haven't changed anymore at all, so haven't gotten bigger. She developed that "spay sway" that spayed females get (but she isn't spayed) but is still thin. so I am still waiting for a kitten or a heat cycle. LOL

on July 10th it will be 70 days since she came home so that is the LATEST she could deliver. so figure wait till then and if no kittens then she isn't preg. LOL
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That is more than interesting. I saw your kitty. Maybe since she was out for almost a week straight it could be timed off by a week and one week really counts when it comes to cats since they only have what, nine. So, that could be it, and your story sounds like my baby's except she didn't stay out as long, almost a full day, heat cycle has stopped, nipples big, and she is getting big, but I am suspecting she is almost five weeks tops if so. So we are all just playing the waiting game here.
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could be but she would be between 63-69 days I think so either way should REALLY be showing. LOL
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I know. LOL we should have just combined threads lol But don't forget to check the link I left you in your thread maybe it will give you something to compare to. I just don't remember her nipples being anything but flat and pale, not now. And of course that is all I have to go on because I keep thinking maybe her weight gain is all in my head. I don't know. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Either they will have babies or they wont. The only problem with the wait and see thing is that you don't have time to prepare for a litter if you don't know in advanced.
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do what I did and set up JIC. LOL I have had my room set up (door is always shut) for her to have as a "baby" room if need be. think it has been set up for about 4 weeks now.
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Well. I don't know when kittens are supposed to be tumbling around inside the mother's tummy, but my cat is def. pregnant. Today I was holding her and rubbing her tummy and talking to her. As I was rubbing I began to "palpate" lol like I knew what I was doing, but I know that she is pregnant know because she has the sag, she is way bigger and everthing. Anyway, as I'm feeling her belly I feel "beating" well naturally I thought oooh its her heart but no, because I could feel her heart beating too, aside from the movement. Then, picture this, I put my hands on both her sides and I can feel different movement from both sides of her belly. I was like WOW. So it is official I will be a grandmeowmmy soon and she is pregnant. Believe me I thought gas, heartbeat, everything but you can actually feel a little more than golf ball size, and def some activity. So now we wait. I guess I will start setting up for her birthing.
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you normally feel movement 2 weeks before they have kittens. so that would mean she is around 7-8 weeks I believe (since they are preg. 9-10 weeks)
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That way more far along than I anticipated. Wishing it was gas, but she is getting big and I believe she may be carrying a large litter as well, which that would crowd out the womb too. Well will def be taking her to a vet visit in the next week or too, but she is so cranky that transport is just going to be plain difficult.
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