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Frankie is still missing

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He was supposed to be neutered when my aunt got him. But Frankie wasn't they made a mistake on his paperworks. I know how it looks when a male hasn't been fix, it is flat and smooth. It din't look like that on Frankie at all. I just hope nothing bad has happen to him. It soo dangerous for a cat to be outside. I hope someone is feeding him wherever he is. My aunt Donna said he will come back. I hope he does. I have a few questions to ask:

1. Do you guys think he will eventually come back?
2. Do you guys think he will know his way back home?
3. How long are males gone when it is the mating season?
4. Has anyone experience this with their kitty?
5. How far do cats travel from home?
6. How long does the mating season last for?

I want my aunt to get back her cat. I really like him, he was a nice boy. I will keep you updated.
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Okay. Don't get alarmed. If he's an indoor cat, chances are he hasn't gone far. Think CLOSE.... not in the next county. He doesn't have a territory, like an outdoor cat - so he's likely not to stray far..... in fact, he's likely a little frightened.

Darkness is his friend, if he's found one. If he's on the move, that's likely when he'll do it.

Do yourselves a favor and look on your very own property. And when you get him back, which you likely will, get a chip implanted! At least you won't have the worry of Animal Control, Humane Society or shelter rustling him up and having no clue who his is. Make it very well known in the neighborhood, too, that this is a PET you want back!

I only say this because I know how it is for an indoor cat to get loose. I just about lost my mind when my Noodle was gone for almost 24 hours (only to be found hiding in our woodshed).

I'm praying you find your aunt's baby.
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I work with cat rescue up here in Washington State, and I know your anxiety quite well. Here is a checklist of things to do NOW, not tomorrow, NOW:

1. Print as many flyers as you can. Put them in sheet protectors if it's a rainy period and/or hand them out door-to-door. Cats can travel up to 5 miles in radius, although being an indoor boy he is probably frightened someplace close (agreed).

2. Go door-to-door. Ask people to open up their garages, campers, homes - anything.

3. Is there a lost & found pet hotline? There is one in my area. Call it every day about noon when they update the new kitties being brought in.

4. Go to the shelter, and go NOW. Most will not hold him for long.

5. Put out near the most logical place he might re-enter the house a sweater with your scent on it. Put another t-shirt or sweater with your's or your Aunt's scent in the yard and "lead him home".

6. Lay out tuna (water, not oil) and again, "lead him home" by tuna tracks to the door.

7. Go out at 2 a.m. or 4 a.m. or whenever it's most quiet and call for him. Does he know his name? Don't go out far from the house and call, call right from the house close to the door and around the perimeter of the house and listen for any sounds.

8. Do NOT use a flashlight when you are calling. Walk in the dark and keep your ears peeled. After you hear him, the switch on the light but keep it to the ground, do NOT try to find him by moving the light around the shrubs and trees.

9. Sit in one place outside, near the most logical point of re-entry to the house and call him, hold tuna close by, and WAIT. You might sit for 2-4 hrs (I do) and WAIT.

I sense he is close. Don't wait another minute.
Keep us posted!
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To let you know he is microchip from Humane Society where she adopted him and possibly not neutered. He has been missing since July 25/06. Went missing from the backyard. My aunt let him out with out a leash, the last time she saw him was in the morning. He was in the nextdoor neighbours tree. Never seen since that. Has a heart murmur. Before my aunt got him, he was a stray, probably hasn't been his first time running away from home. Frankie is pretty friendly and would go to anyone that offers him food. Hopefully he comes back. Right now she has this stray kitty that she found. It a brn tabby girl that is only 5-6mos old, could be semi-feral I don't know. Her Molly cat doesn't like her.
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Any updates on the missing cat (Frankie)?? If he's "whole" he could be gone quite awhile. {{{Prayers and vibes}}} that he comes back soon. It could be that being whole, he wasn't willing to put up with any kind of confinement such as being on a leash. I hope he comes back soon.
Your aunt sounds like a real treasure - taking in cats like that. Frankie will be glad to find his way home, that's for sure
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No sign of Frankie! I will keep you update if he does come back.
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Originally Posted by acatsmeow
No sign of Frankie! I will keep you update if he does come back.
Please do!!
...FRANKIE, COME HOME! An anxious TCS world awaits the good news of your return
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