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Sick cat won't eat

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So our oldest cat (3 years) caught an upper respiratory infection from our kitten, the kitten has already responded well to antibiotics. We took the oldest one to the vet. The vet gave her some injections to bring down her fever and intiate her treatment for an upper resp. infection, forced subcutanously a lg amt of IV fluid into her and told us to try to get her to eat and drink and he sent us home with Tolfedine and Orbex for treatment. We've been able to get her to drink small amounts of tuna water, she eat a few of her tempations treats, and a small amount of tuna. I have been pretty much forcing water into her via a syringe as much as I can as it is hot out now. She has perked up a bit, and she's not sneezing as much but getting her to eat and drink is like pulling teeth. Any ideas? We really want to be able to treat her at home as much as possible as further treatment at the vet is going to be extremley costly, and we don't have pet insurance.
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You could try some meat type baby food that has no onion in it. Syringe feeding may be necessary, or may not. It was suggested to me that I try NutriMalt by my vet for a cat that was not eating right to boost nourishment once. Perhaps that would help too.

Hope your cat perks up real soon.
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I would try warming up the food in the microwave so it is warmer. Cats seem to like that, and also the food is smellier that way too.

If it has been a couple of day since going to the vet, I would take her back for more IV fluids. Nothing will perk up a cat faster than IV fluids.

For now just keep trying to get your cat to eat or drink anything.
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I agree that warming up the food will help. With a URI the kitty can't smell real well, which is critical for them to want to eat. You can also take some of your hard food, put tuna water in it, wait a while, and mush it up and maybe the cat will eat it. Also, there are injections that will stimulate their appetite.
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Try chicken baby food--use the first steps variety in the little jars.
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Cats choose their food thru smell. So a cat with a cold/URI can not smell and hence will not want to eat.

So you have to get the food to smell as much as possible. As others have said, heating the food will release the aromas. Baby food is a possibility as well. But what works for the cats I work with, is to get some Fancy Feast cuz it is so stinky. It is not high quality but it usually stimulates their appetite. You can put some on a plate - sometimes I add warm water to make a gravy. Put some on her nose and she will lick it off and that also will help stimulate her to eat as well. You can also put a bit on TOP of her regular food if you would rather do that.

Good luck and I hope she is back to normal soon!
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