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Cat Question Here

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I need some help with my cat she is now turning finkey.
Yes I know cats are finkey.
She has been getting A small can of moist food at night.
At frist she was eating it all no matter what it was now she seems to be turning her nose up.
She lickes all the grave and leves the rest.
Then by the end of the night it ends up in the trash.
I thought of maby cutting the can out but she drives you
batty till she gets it.
And I mean Mewing and Mewing like she is dying.
Trust me at 10 pounds she isen't starved.
I baught some difrent typs of can food for her but i am debating
on weather to give it to her or not.
So all you Cat people any and all info will be great on this one.

Thanks Peggy
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Hi Peggy,

Finicky cats.... who woulda thunk??
There are many good reasons to give your cat some wet cat food.
The first and most important reason being that it helps your cat stay hydrated better.

As far as your cat being finicky and only licking the gravy, you could try giving her a pate type food rather than chunks. My cats also like to lick all the gravy and leave the chunks many times. My good fortune is I feed so many that someone else always finishes up what's left.

I would continue to give the cat the wet food. Try different flavors and styles to see what she likes best. I believe they like a little variety just as we do.
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Hope this comes through.
This Is the mighty queen Kaliey i totaly forgot I had some picks on here.
Thank you for your quick response I will keep tryiung difrent foods.
I have more to post but need some time to get them up.
But the frist two is what Ke Ke lookks like now.
We got her in Oct and there is a big Change.

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