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Going on vacation

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I will be going on vacation a week from today. I will be gone for a week. My two kitties will be mostly alone for that entire time. My Aunt is going to stop by and make sure they have food, water and a fresh litter box, and I am going to super-cat proof everything. Is there anything I can do to make my time away as stress free for myself and my cats as possible? Any tips of things to have done while gone? I am open to any suggestions... Thanks all.
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I don't know about making it easier for you...we have that mommy worry thing when it comes to our furbabes.

One other thing you could do for them is leave a radio playing on like classical music, or leave a TV on. That way it isn't SO quiet.

I've also heard that if you have an answering machine, calling and talking to the kitties on the machine helps them. I always imagined this kitty *thinking* about doing something naughty since Mommy wasn't home, and then hearing this disembodied voice of Mommy...That would scare me straight if I were a kitty! Mommy God! :laughing2: I guess the logic is that they hear your voice and don't get separation anxiety as bad.
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Mine behave much better if I leave the tv on. Not that they actually watch it, they just seem to like it. I put away anything breakable, even if they never bother it when I am home. I fasten the kitchen cabinet doors shut, unplug all my small appliances and put them away. I put away anything loose in the bathroom. I leave the kitchen light on because they don't like to eat in the dark. I shut the door to the computer room. I left it open once and they were all over it. Have a good trip and don't worry. If your aunt wouldn't take good care of them, you wouldn't leave them in her care, right?
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You could always hire a pet sitter to come in and interact with your cats for a half hour a day. Although if they are not very people orientated or are afraid of strangers this wouldn't work.

Also don't forget to leave your vet's number for your aunt just in case of an emergency.
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Also perhaps some new toys to catch their attention while you are gone?
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Thanks for all of your suggestions. I am feeling a little bit better leaving the poor furballs at home. My Aunt is going to stop by at least once a day, and my cousin is going to be staying there towards the end of my vacation. I had already planned on super-cat proofing everything, which includes taking pictures off the walls, and securing breakables. I plan on finding all of their mice and leaving them in a pile in the middle of the room, but I am thinking that will last less then a day and then they will all be safely hidden under the couches again. I have already gave instructions to both my Aunt and my cousin, should anything happen to them, take them to the vet, whatever needs to be done, do it, I will pay for it come he!! or high water. They have the vet number, the food location and the toy drawer. This will be the longest period of time I will be away from them. I am more worried about me than them. They have each other, and I am just going to miss them tons.
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