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Cat Motel open for business once again...I guess

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Well my former stray kitties went to the rescue yesterday and already today I had my neightbor call me up because 3 9 week old kittens were dumped off with her AND I have a new cat in a cage in my room. He is a very nice and very sad-to-be-caged big male intact tomcat. His meow is so so sad I feel bad. He is just your basic brown tabby but he has no tail. Well, mid post I went and moved him to the bathroom and let him out. He was all loving and purring. I think he knows I am helping him but is still a little wary. I don't know. My neighbor said since I found homes for all her strays and now she has an extra room, she will watch cats for me if I need it. So I think I will have her watch him until Friday when the mobile neuter clinic comes to town and I can get him done for $15 and vaccianted for $10. Maybe I will have to go back out to Tiger Ranch next week and drop him off. She doesn't charge me surrender fees since she knows I rescue too just on a smaller scale. Then I can check on the pregnant cat I took there yesterday and the little 3 week old Ghost. I miss the little guy already. She said he will be adopted fast. So anyway, now I have to go tend to the big guy in my bathroom. I named him Charlie, a good big tough tomcat name I will post a picture up tomorrow if anyone is interested.

Edit: I changed his name to Willoughby I am watching my favorite episode of the Twilight Zone
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Oh my goodness he is the most amazingly lovable lap cat I have ever seen!!! I am so suprised. I think I want to keep him! I don't think I can though, but he is a sweetie. I am trying to remove a tick from his neck. Darn thing will not come off. I tried vasoline and a match but I don't know how hard to pull on it. It is flat so it doesn't look like it sucked any blood. How hard do I pull on it? Are there any other things I can try or should I just yank it outta there?

He was sitting on my lap and he rolled himself over so I could rub his belly and he fell asleep like that I was all afraid he would be mean from the way he was freaking out in the carrier...
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I thought I just read somewhere dishsoap takes off wood ticks..
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www.pest-control-hub.com will tell you how to deal with ticks
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"Willowby, next stop Willoughby!!" That is my 2nd fave Twilight Zone episode, too! My fave is "The Hunt?" where the coon dog drowns while coon hunting & the owner drowns saving him, and they wander down a road looking for Heaven, but when they find it, dogs aren't allowed, so the old man says "no", he'd rather move on & they go up a little path to the real Heaven where, of course, animals are allowed.
Congratulations on sucessfully placing your rescues & congrats to Willowby on finding sanctuary! My comp won't let me open the pics, tho
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Well Willoughby is all neutered and vaccinated and tested and flea treated now. He has a few, but I bathed him with dawn and he is clean now. I was hoping for him to go to his new home in a few days but he pissed all over himself in the carrier and he reeks. He can't be bathed for almost 2 weeks after being neutered. I was thinking about getting some wipes but I don't know. My boyfriend and I really want to keep him but we decided no after our 6 and I think we need to limit ourselves.

The lady I planned to adopt him to was wondering about his likliness to spray since he was neutered a couple years into adulthood? He hasn't so far, I mean, his urine reeks obviously but he hasn't sprayed. He is so mellow I really don't see him caring enough to mark his territory...Any ideas? I know it will take 2-3 weeks for his male hormones to calm down. I don't know what to do.
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I dont' think all male cats spray. we have had a few that never sprayed. My male was neutered around a year I think and he has never once sprayed. now my FEMALE will spray when she is in heat (she is the first female I have ever had that sprays!) LOL But she will be fixed soon and that is the only time she does it.

Congrats on getting him all done and finding him a home!
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If he hasn't sprayed yet, I should think everything would be fine. Poor scared guy!

Also, I'd think you'd be fine using some wipes. I've never actually heard about not bathing a cat for two weeks after being neutered. Strange. When we TNR, we release them after one day at the vet if they're male and 2 - 4 if they're female.

But it does sound like he'll need a bath before he goes to his new home!

Sounds like someone's going to be very lucky to adopt this lover!!!!!!!!!

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