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What is this?

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I have recently adopted a now 10 wk old kitten from a shelter.
There is tiny black things on her chin. I think its something but I am not sure.
And if you try to look she bites, not hard, but it gets harder every time she bites down...
I thought maybe it was a scab, but theres still fur, etc...So i wasnt sure if it was.
I tried taking my nail just to pick it off, and she wasnt letting me, so I dont even know if there is anything to pick off..
Has anyone every seen this?? She was at the vet, and I forgot to ask..She doesnt have fleas, either
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At the shelter I am at we often see cats with what is like kitty acne. It's usually on the chin, sort of black specs and the skin can be dry.

They can get it from rubbing against their bowls when they eat. The oils from the food gets on their chin and bothers the skin.

Definately don't pick at it no matter what it is. Can you call the adoption center and let them know what's going on? If you adopted the kitty recently most places will provide you with meds for any little problems that come up.
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Yea that sounds exactly like what it is.

The shelter is of no help, the night I brought her home, she almost stopped breathing, had a severe URI, and they wouldnt even call me back..
She is on the antiobiotics now, and doing so well, her eyes are all cleared up too.

Ever since I have wrote them expressing my concerns through email, since I cant get through on the phone. And I stated how they should have told me that she was atleast sick, even if they didnt plan on helping her get better. I got a rude response, just saying what did I think I was going to get , ? a healthy kitten? , and that I should have known better

So Im sure they wont help, I think it might be that acne, once I noticed it was part of her skin, I didnt pick at it, I just watched it over the days, and it still seems to be there, would wiping her clean occassionally help? or irritate it more?
I will try the switching the bowl too
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Probably feline acne, but she is pretty young to have that. Comes mainly from not properly grooming and food getting dried on the chin.
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My one cat had that too. The vet told me to dab it daily with peroxide which did nothing, by experimenting I found out she was allergic to her food. When I put her on a better grade of food it went away. But from what I have read they can get it from a variety of reasons.
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We also recommend a shampoo with benzoyle peroxide in it for chin acne. You have to let it stand on the animal for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off. It basically helps dry out the pores.

Also, a high quality food may help.
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Thanks to all of you, I will try the things mentioned..
I just wanted to make sure it wasnt something sickly, being that she is recovering from the URI as well
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I agree that it sounds like Kitty Acne.

Does she eat from plastic bowls? This can be a main trigger for kitty acne and I would recommend using ceramic or stainless steel bowls.

I'm sure your vet will be able to give you the appropriate treatment and your kitten will be on the mend in no time at all!
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In my experience kitty acne is ALWAYS from plastic dishes and even a plastic place matt. Use a cloth matt and glass bowls and it will clear up in a few weeks. Don't squeeze it and if you have, you can pat it with some hydrogen peroxide, make sure none gets in cats mouth.
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I'm horrified to hear the response you got from the shelter. What a terrible attitude!

Best of luck with your new kitty and I agree that glass & ceramic bowls are probably the way to go.
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