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Wild Cat

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I am the owner of two wonderful and friendly cats (LB - 6 year old black shorthaired male; Cleo - 4 year old black long haired female). Both are indoor cats (LB was outdoor cat for first couple of years, until I got him) and have been fixed and declawed on front. I recently moved in with my girlfriend who has a 8 year old female tabby (Tosha). The cats have been in the same house for two days now and I had them separated on the first day without any trouble (no grawling or wild activity). Today however, LB and Tosha actually met face-to-face and it was NOT pretty! Tosha and LB met a few feet apart and just stared at each other and grawled a little (as I figured they would). After a few seconds Tosha turned into a wild cat and chased LB around the house for about a minute. I chased after them in an attempt to seperate them but didn't have much impact. They ran right by me like if I wasn't even there. I need advise in how to get Tosha under control. LB and Cleo have been around other cats before with little trouble, but I don't know what I should do about Tosha. My girlfriend warned me that Tosha goes crazy around other cats, but I never thought it would come to this after watching their reactions toward each other before coming face-to-face.

Any advise or suggestions you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
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I think you need to keep them seperate a little longer before letting them interact. Remember that they will growl and hiss and chase and swat a bit, that is normal and they will need to establish who is alpha kitty.

Search on here for introducing cats together.

Buy a few Feliway plug ins and sprays. Expensive but they really work miracles.

Use pure vanilla extract on each cat on their head, neck and lower back so they smell the same

Try to seperate them with a screen type door in between if possible. So they can see and smell each other and that's it.
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Thanks for your thoughts and advice. I searched for "introducing cats together" and found some interesting thoughts and suggestions. I will see what I can do to calm Tosha enought so they can all get a long. To be honest, my real fear is with my female cat. Typically opposite sex cats get a long better than same sex cats and if this was the reaction from opposite sex cats then I can only imagine what the reaction will be for the two females. Its going to be a long hard battle, thats for sure!

Also, just to elaborate some, I have known Tosha for about a year and half now and she definately is not a social cat. She was raised by my girlfriend and her daughter from a kitten and does not like anyone but them. In the year and a half that I have been around Tosha has only accepted letting me pet her when my girlfriend is setting next to me (Tosha sitting on her lap). Other than that, you might as well forget it. I can only speculate that the daughter was rough with Tosha when she was little (chasing, etc).

Time will only tell how things so.
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I believe that certain sex cats getting along is nonsense. I think it all depends on the individual cats. I have had males that got along great with females and females that loved other females and bullied tha males and my two males love each other but a few of the females bully one of them. Each cat has their own personality and you cannot really say females get along with the opposite sex and not other females.

Anywho, for Tosha, I would suggest not approaching her or even looking at her much, but talk to her all the time. Say her name, feed her, leave her treats, etc. But do not make any contact with her. Let her come to you.

For the two cats not getting along, I wil repeat to pick up a Feliway plug in or two and give them more time. If they are not tearing each other to pieces then they are most likely just fine and will work it out. But give them some time first.
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