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Possible Outcomes?

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Do any of you genetics experts know what the possible outcomes of breeding a tortie female and a grey and white tabby male are?
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You could get calicos/dilute calicos (only if mom is also carrying the dilute gene.

Also, red/red-whites, cream/cream-white, black/black-whites, blue/blue-whites

And some would have tabby markings.
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thanks alot. yeah there is this grey and white tabby that has been around our neigfhborhood and i think he is the culprit respncible for getting Kitty preggo again.
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Depending on whether your classification of "grey" is blue or brown?
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well he's not brown so i'd say blue (is that what grey is? )
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Grey = BLUE
Orange = RED
Buff = CREAM
Grey/Tan = Bluecream
Orange/Black = Tortoiseshell (black/red)
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ahhhh... thanks! lol
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what about two solid coloured cats mating? one grey mum and one grey dad/ or a grey mum and a black dad/ my neighbors cat is preg and these are the options of which got her this way!
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If you have two blues (grey) then that's all you will get unless one is a blue tabby, then you'd have some solid and some with stripes - but all blue.

The blue and black would produce both colors if the black was a dilute carrier. If not, then you'd have all black.
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what does dilute carrier mean? lol im not up to snuff on my would you know if she was a blue?
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a blue tabby i mean. she looks just llike my isis on my siggy and her possilbe mate is one that is identical or a black kittie
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If they are solid colors and don't have stripes like the tabbies then you'd get solid blues only. Or in the case of the black father, you could get both blue and black solid colors if the father has the dilute gene. Otherwise you would get all black.

Blue is the dilute color of black and is recessive.
Cream is the dilute color of red and is recessive.
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