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Max up high!

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Max has developed a new habit of leaping from one of our cabinets to a very high book case. I know cats like being up high but I must stop encouraging him to do so in case he misjudges the jump. Anyway, here are a few pics I thought I'd share with you all!

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Max is a beautiful black kitty and I love the first photo since it is an action shot. I know what you mean about worring if they will get hurt, all you can do is pray they won't fall the wrong way. Maybe age will slow him down. My cat Jafar had surgery a few months ago that costed $1200 for his clumsiness. He hurt himself somehow and his hole hip joint came out of the socket. OUCH! He is great now.
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Wow, him and my kitty Abilene would have fun doing a "high jump" contest!
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I worry about high places too. Tiger scares the heebie geebies out of me. He likes to stand on the rail from the banister at the top of the stairs. I am too afraid to do anything about it because I'm scared to make matters worse. If I change anything, he might slip. He always makes this sound when he's up on it too, almost like saying, "Mom, come look what I can do!!" He almost gives me a heart attack every time.
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Oh gosh! That jumping shot even makes me nervous! Silly cats!
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Wow! Looks like quite a leap. Hes lovely...
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Love the black kitties, hate the height. That would cause me to have a panic attack everytime I saw it. I'm with Shelly in hopes that maybe once the "kitten" is out of him a little bit, he'll wise up
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What a brilliant action shot that was!
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Thanks for all your replies. Luckily I've only seen him up there once today, & I haven't encouraged him in any way, so hopefully he'll get bored sooner rather than later. I wouldn't bet on it though, as he's only 2, so there's plenty of kitten left in him yet!
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Perhaps you could build him a catwalk near the ceiling so he wouldn't have to leap?? Just a thought. He's a beautiful cat!
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WooHoo! Awesome action shot!!
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He's still jumping the jump, this was him 10 minutes ago sleeping, & he's still up there now
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