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Just wanted to drop in to say "HI" all!

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Hi everybody! So many "new faces" here, lol! GROWING, GROWING, GROWING! GO TCS GO!

Gary and I are working our butts off at the "new" job (started in May). We're about to start publishing, so we'll be moving from "high gear" into "crazy gear."

Tuxedo is doing GREAT. Doc says the long-acting steroids are actually suppressing his testosterone. I guess everything does happen for a reason, because if this level of activity is with suppressed testosterone, we cannot imagine what it would be like around here if Tuxie was 100% on his own. He now LOVES being petted and brushed, and still head-bumps like a maniac. He's gone from tolerated to seeming to enjoy 2 - 3 short hand strokes of petting to wanting - even demanding at times - up to 10 minutes of being petted, stroked and/or brushed!

Ming Loy can make it all the way through the kitchen without falling down now - the little trotter is gaining strength and muscle control!

Flowerbelle remains a little bundle of energy and is driving Gary CRAZY as she keeps finding new places to explore. She has rediscovered paper tearing as something that seems to cause her great pleasure - so our place is covered in paper bags (and shreds thereof) so we can keep the books, magazines and mail we normally have lying around, lying around.

Sheldon is a total love bug and joined Spooky in the "pet me!" club.

Lazlo has decided to "rejoin" the gang, and often sleeps on the bed with us - which makes a 3 - 5 number at any given point during the night, lol! (We'll have to get a King size bed if they keep this up).

And Gary?.... Well - he's still suffering from on-going gastro-instestinal issues and Cluster Headaches. The level of attack activity has decreased a bit this past week, and we can only cross our fingers and hope that he's actually coming out of a cycle. It's been so unbelievably debilitating, and so hard to manage with work. He's still getting only 1 - MAYBE 3 hours of sleep a night, and he's struggling to remain sane, let alone manage job responsibilities. I'm just so glad he's doing as well as he is fighting through this.

Love you all and miss you all - and probably won't be around a lot - but thinking of everyone and just sending general "BE WELL" and "BE HAPPY!" vibes out there.

And on that note - wishing everyone a wonderful and safe Happy Fourth of July!

All my best to all,

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Thank you, have a safe and happy Fourth of July all those in the States and everyone else, have a great week!
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Hey Laurie! So pleased that everything is going well and that the kitts are doing great

I really hope Gary get's through this ordeal which from the sounds of it he is slowly but surely

Sending (((((Healthy and happy vibes))))) back in return to you all
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Hi, Laurie! Thanks for all the updates...sounds like the kitties are making great progress, just like you and Gary!
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Laurie!!!!! It is so great to hear from you! I miss you sooooo much.

I hate that Gary is still having such awful physical problems. I have a nurse friend who works in the GI unit of a major research hospital. They make almost all of their patients drink/eat Activa every day. They find that many of the GI problems either go away or significantly improve with this small change in diet.

I hope you are happy and that life is treating you well!
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Hi Laurie, nice to meet you I'm kinda new

Your kitties sound just adorable!!
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Good to see you Laurie! I hope Gary continues on the road to feeling 100% very soon. I'm glad the kits are doing well!
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I've been thinking of you and Gary, Laurie, and wondering how things were going. It's great to hear an update. Happy Independence Day!
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Glad to see you posting!!

Hope everything gets better soon!
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How wonderful to see you, Laurie! Thank you for checking in!
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Who are you? Oh, yes...I think I remember.....

You owe me an email's been too long. Get those fingers typing.
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Laurie! is terrific see you again!!...
thanks a lot for being here!!!
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Gosh - it's one thing to miss TCS - but then to start "seeing" everyone I've missed, it makes me miss all of you that much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any my God - the forum usage and membership has more than just blossomed - it's like the amazon! I always feel the urge to catch up on what's up with everybody, but there is no way that's possible, lol!

Hi everybody I don't know - I hope you're loving TCS as much as I do, and I hope life allows you the time to keep checking in. It's so frustrating once you get "behind" in the goings on.

Don't know how much time I'll spend in the Lounge, but I'm going to try to visit at least the Ferals and Behaviors forums as regularly as possible.


I remember when it was all new, and our four month old kitties were bounding around, and reading about people who'd been with at least some of their fur gangs for several years and wondering - I wonder what things will be like then?

And six cats later - the youngest of the gang is almost TWO!

Thank you so much for all your kind words and thoughts, and I'm still just sending out those "BE WELL" and "BE HAPPY" vibes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

((((((((((((((((((HUGS TO ALL))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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Laurie, it's so good to see you back posting again!! to you and Gary and all of those gorgeous kits you have.

Is it possible that they are 4 already?? Can't be - that means we're 4 years older than when we met. Nope, can't be possible at all!
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Hey Laurie! Great to see you here!

I second Heidi...Four years? It's been 4 years?

Sending lots of good vibes to you, Gary and the kits.
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Look at my "Join Date" - yup! It's been that long!
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