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Your Ya-Ya Name

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It's case sensitive. Here are mine with caps as the first letter of my first and last name:

Maiden: Queen Needs a Financial Statement First
Married: Princess Moonless Night
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My name is....
Viscountess Moonless Night

If I use Christine, it's Countess Hidden Horse.

Moonless Night...I like that
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Marchioness Never-Shuts-Up
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Would you believe? Empress Bop Around the Clock !
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I'm Countess Purrs Like A Kitten
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Viscountess Foot in Mouth
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Everytime I try to access the link it boots me off my internet connection! Boohoo!
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"Countess Wants It All"! Boy you got that right! LOL
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I'm Empress Fancy Feet!
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Countess Culture Vulture
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Countess Sitting Duck (married name)
Viscountess Standing Turtle (maiden name)

OR (with no capitals I'm bored, can you tell?)

Viscountess Shakes Her Booty (married)
Empress Three-Sheets-To-The-Wind (maiden)

I think I like the second set better. I don't want to be a sitting duck! And I really want Melissa's name - that's too cute. Maybe I should be Princess Whines-A-Lot. :laughing2:
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Heidi, I did the same thing

No caps:

maiden: Princess Cold as Ice
married: Duchess Rising Fawn

All caps:

maiden: Queen Drives Like a Demon
married: Countess Weeping River

All the ones using my maiden name are quite unique!
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My new name is Empress Lost in the Clouds...fitting since I never pay attention to anything for a long period of time! unless I capitalize my name, in which case I'm Duchess Sitting Duck. I'm goin with the Empress!
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oooh...I went back again to find a friend's name, and when I put mine in again I got a new name! crazy...
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I LOVE mine! In fact, I think I'm legally going to change my name to the most fitting "Dutchess Stinging Scorpion"
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I am...

Queen Social Butterfly

I like that name.
I am quite social, but Queen?
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Mine is dutchess quick rabbit. If i use my maiden name it is:Marchioness Soars with the Wind. I think I like the second one better...LOL!My fiancee's is Viscountess Swimming Fish. He says he knew that already! LOL!:tounge2:
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I think this fits: Duchess That-Voodoo-That-You-Do
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I am Princess Social Butterfly ...and I guess that must mean I'm Vader's daughter
...or something
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:laughing: :laughing:
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Viscountess Whispering Thunder here.
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Countess Full Of Anger (Married name, Duh!)
countess Sparrow Hawk (Maiden)

No caps,
Viscountess Cackles Like A Chicken
Viscountess Crazy As A Loon

I think they must know my husband or have lived with him for a while!
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My name was Countess Magnolia Blossom
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I have a crappy ya-ya name!!

Princess bad hair day....
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