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tinned tuna

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just a quick question......i gave my 18month old male cat some tuna brine out of a tin of tuna and he has been sick today? anyone had the same issue or got any tips on sickness? i think it might have been abit salty for him and its been really hot the past few days. any comments would be great. you were all very helpful last time we had a problem!
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What are his symptoms?
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he has sickness and loose bowl movements.......but seems slightly better today actually, hes eatting again and drinking so its looking good.
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Hi there, hope your baby is much better, think the brine must have upset him. Once Dino was a bit constipated and the vet recommended the vegetable oil from tinned tuna, only a bit poured over his normal tinned food (and only maybe once a month) Vet said it would help his bowel movements ( sorry to be descriptive) and also great for his coat ! Vet also said dont use brine as it would be too salty ! So maybe thats what upset him a little bit. hope he´s well soon !!
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For me, human canned tuna is a last resort type food offering when a cat is ill and will eat nothing else. It is not a food so much as an appetite jump starter. Save it for when you really need it.
There are properly formulated tuna flavored cat foods if your cats really crave tuna.
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