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Daily thread 03/07/06

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I noticed there was no daily thread for today, so i thought I'd start one.

I believe better late than never!

Anyways, not much today, gotta clean up from the weekend and we started painting our bedroom last night. We got all the tape up and now we just have to paint. We are doing a japanese colour theme.( brownish gold main color with highlights or deep red, silver and black. I'll have to show pics when I'm done.
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That sounds like a really cool paint scheme....can't wait to see the pictures!
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Just another day of work here today We have tomorrow off, so that'll be a nice break for the week.

John & I are going to head to PetSmart tonight to get some food and everything for Davidson and Harley I love that store!!
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Just another hot July day in this the first week of July. Nothing much to talk about today, my two year old is being a grumpus today and his answer to everything is a yelling and very emphatic NOOOOOO!

My daugther stubbed her toe on the door and insisted that because it was bleeding she had to go to the doctor. She had a spot of blood on it.

Crazy kids.
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Humm, so today i have the day off. I woke up this morning and took Fosters (our new doggie) to play with my sisters pups, i'm taking care of them this week while they're out of town. The dog's had a blast. When i got back, it was time for Colin to go into work (police officer), so now i'm hanging out at his house with Fosters and my new foster kitty Harley. They watched Oprah with me, and now they're watching the news....Harley in his cage (still adjusting to introduction to Fosters) and Fosters is at my feet. I think later tonight i'll try another step in their introduction and see how it goes. Hopefully no fighting . Tonight i'll go back and take care of my sisters animals, then come back and get some sleep! Tomorrow we're having an early cookout at my house for the 4th..
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Worked on our latest landscaping project and talked with a potential client today. Warm again today-I want some rain to cool us off!!
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We need rain too (NOT) well yes and no....I mean all the rain last week did some serious damage to alot of places...but a nice cool shower would be nice right about now....or a good summer storm.
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